How to Remove Fluorides from Water Cheaply

How to Remove Fluorides from Water Cheaply

 Nowadays, countries are trying to aware of the nation about the removal of Fluoride from water. Now the question arises, How to remove fluorides from water cheaply. Since the last century, the water fluoridation process widely applied in the plant. However, detailed studies reveal the worst effects of fluorides on human health. 

Sedimentation is the cheapest way to remove fluorides from water. A huge amount of fluorides and impurities settles in the bottom layer letting the top layer of water clean. Although, sedimentation is the easiest, for long-lasting result filters prove more suitable for quality water. 

We cannot wait for the authority to take it as a serious issue; you must be responsible for your health. As the excessive intake of fluorides could cause skeletal fluorosis, it can damage the whole bone structure. In this article, you will get details about remove fluorides from water cheaply

Fluorides Impact on Health:

Fluorides have the worst impact on health one can ever imagine. The normal body intake of Fluoride is less than 3mg/l. If it increases from this amount, it could cause dental fluorosis. If the amount of fluoride increase from 6mg/l, it could disinfect bone and cause spots of black and brown color on the skin. The people who lived in the high concentration of Fluoride in water cause severe fluorosis. 

These days, the water supplies monitored the level of Fluoride in water. It is investigated that a high amount of fluorides found in well water and other natural sources. 

Methods to remove fluorides:

The world health Organization research recommends that the average amount of Fluoride must be less the 2mg/l in drinking water. More than half the population of worlds has been using the water with more than 2mg/l of Fluoride in water.

Fluoride in water has a chemical pungent characteristic smell. Normally, the water with elements and improper purification have Fluoride. The well water and natural sources water has taken as unpurified water.

So now, have a look at the tips and methods on how to remove fluorides from water cheaply. I tried to mention the important methods to get rid of fluoride water.

  • Method of Ion Exchange:

In this method of ion exchange, fluoride ions are exchanged via electrodes. In this, a number of fluorides ion get exchanges with hydrogen oxide or ions of sodium. An electrochemical cell is used for the whole procedure. This method is mostly applied in environmental enrichment in ion like; activated carbon, aluminum ions, and exchangeable resins. 

This method is usually applied in water purification plants. A huge amount of water is cleaned from fluorides in this way. Nowadays, filters with ion exchange methods are available in the market at a reasonable price. You can grab them to have high-quality water by removing fluorides.

  •  Absorption of Fluoride:

The absorption of fluoride method is widely used for water purification. A powdered salt mixture is used in this process. The whole fluorinated water is run on that mixture. The mixture is reacted with the fluoride ions. In this way, the fluoride ion is captured by letting the whole water pure form fluoride ion.

This method shows a beneficial result in water purification. The salts used in this process are tricalcium phosphate, aluminum, and magnesium hydroxide.

  •  Reverse Osmosis Process:

In the reverse osmosis process, a membrane passes pressurized water, to get clean water. The applied pressure keeps greater than osmotic on the opposite side. The osmosis is done. The membrane is best to filter out everything from it, even the healthy minerals. 

In this solution, you get highly clean and pure water on one side and contaminated on the other side. Nowadays, a number of filters come in market work on the principle of reverse osmosis. For better guidance, you can check our article on top best filters for water purification. We assure you will get the best solution of how to remove Fluoride from water cheaply.

Cheaply Remove Fluorides at Home:

Fluoride in water is a big problem. By doing a proper treatment of water, fluorides easily get removed from it. Also, by adopting some rules, you can avoid Fluoride. There are several techniques by focusing on that you can avoid Fluoride:

  •  Use Holy Basil (Tulsi) because they removing Fluoride from drinking water naturally
  •  Use Faucet Mount Filters
  •  Use Water Pitcher that Removes Fluoride
  •  Fluoride vs. Non-Fluoride Toothpaste
  •  Drink Fluoride-free Water
  •  Minimize Processed Beverages Consumption
  •  Don’t take fluoride supplements
  •  Stop drinking too much black or green tea
  •  Avoid Using Fluoridated Salts
  •  Stop using Teflon-coated pans

By following the above instruction, you can get fluoride-free water. These are the cheap method and instruction which effectively provide fluoride-free and excellent taste water. So, keep these points in mind and implement them to deal with water, which contains Fluoride.

Water Sedimentation

Sedimentation is a process that uses gravity to remove suspended solids from water. Sedimentation is a natural process and a very cheap method for water treatment. In sedimentation, sediments gathered at the bottom of the water tank. All heavy particles and sediment gathered in one place. Then clean water easily gathered from the tank. That is a simple and cheap way for water treatment. It takes some time. Fewer chemicals are required for subsequent water treatment. By using filter after sedimentation, you can get a much better quality of water. Sedimentation makes any subsequent process easier, and its cost is lower than some other methods.

Salt Boiling 

Boiling is effective and improves water quality. Boiling is a very old and useful method. It’s a cheap method to make water sediment free. It takes time in boiling and then cooling naturally but effective when a filter is not available. Salt boiling is a method in which salt is added into the during the boiling process. By adding salt, the process of boiling will boost, and salt raises the water boiling point. Boiling can’t remove the Fluoride from the water, but distillation effectively removes many containments. Salt boiling can boost up the distillation process.

Removal of Fluorides through Filters:

Fluoride occurs naturally in some water. Fluoride is more difficult to remove than most water containment. This filter effectively removes containment, but not all filters remove all kinds of containment. This filter is made to deal with specific types of water according to the requirement. According to the research, which is conducted by the Water Quality Association (WQA), there are few known methods for how to remove Fluoride from water cheaply.

  •  Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  •  Distillation
  •  Water filter pitchers
  •  Gravity filter
  •  Activated alumina exchange media
  •  Strong Base Anion Exchange

These methods are very effective in removing Fluoride as compare to others. Steam distillers remove a high percentage of Fluoride. A good reverse osmosis unit will provide fluoride reduction of 95% or better. Activated alumina also removes Fluoride well. Water filter pitcher and gravity filters are also effective and excellent in removing Fluoride from water.

Water Filter Pitcher:

The water filter pitcher is a small size filter. Water filter pitchers effectively remove most of the containment and Fluoride as well. Water filter pitcher contains filter according to water type. When this filter receives the water, it processes it and removes unwanted containments. After the filtration process, water gathers into the pitcher. Pitcher filters very effectively remove Fluoride, glyphosate, PFOAs, and over 220 of the most harmful tap water impurities. It provides 100 gallons of clean water and filters replace after 4-month usage. Pitcher filters can’t remove natural minerals & nutrients found in the water during the filtration process.

Countertop Filter:

The countertop filter is famous in removing most of the containments. A countertop filter is a point to use a water filter. It connects with faucet and fixes on the countertop. This filter directly connects to the kitchen faucet and provides filtered water into the kitchen. The countertop filer has a compact design and takes minimal space. Simply connect it with faucet and open the faucet. When faucet water goes into the countertop filter, it starts water treatment. The main specialty of countertop filter is their best performance. It removes most of the harmful and unwanted containment from the water, including Fluoride. It quickly provides filtered water.


Mostly, Fluoride does not cause any problem if it is below 1.5 mg/l. The well water and natural water has an excessive amount of fluorides.

The main issue is, the high concentration of Fluoride could cause fluorosis in teeth and bone. Therefore, it becomes necessary to get rid of Fluoride from water.

Several ways are here on how to remove Fluoride from water cheaply. Boiling and sedimentation are the cheapest ones to get rid of such an issue. However, better alternatives are also present that are cheap and durable as well. 

The best way is to use a faucet water filter or countertop filter. All of such filter comes at a reasonable price and are user friendly. We hope our article will be helpful for you to have Fluoride-free water.


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