How to Purify Well Water for Drinking?

How to Purify Well Water for Drinking?

There are various households that obtained water from a private well. The advantages of drinking well water are you do not have to pay for water. Most of the private well water is not covered by EPA. The standards that set regulations either the water is safe for drinking or not. So, it means that the water you get from the well is not safe all the time.

Through the well water is naturally occurring water; it gets contaminated by pollutants.  Mostly it gets contaminated by arsenic, lead, pesticides, and malfunctioning of wastewater treatment.

Well, the bad thing about contaminated well; it could affect the households, that rely on well water for drinking purposes.

Did well water safe for drinking?

Whenever you use well water, it ought to suggest you must have tasted it by the laboratory. Most of the harmful bacteria, pesticides, and chemicals cannot see by the naked eye. Various chemicals found in well water could cause serious health issues. The microorganism could be present on the surface and supplies of groundwater. Not treated water could cause illness of people.

Provided that, surrounding well water is clean, does not mean yours is safe. The well water cleaning depends on the geology of the ground and construction surface variables. EPA strictly suggests tasting the well water for substantial metals, pesticides, and inorganic substances before utilizing indicates it.

Why we need water purification?

The search for purified water endeavors as much as thirst itself. With the increasing industrialization, it becomes a reality that the groundwater is not reminded pure as it was. Now the purification systems have become an integral part of this growing society.

With increasing science and technology, efficient systems have been invented to purify water. In this article, you will get the most authentic, well water purification methods

Methods of well water purification:

As indicated by NGWA (National groundwater association), mostly waterborne organism is not bad for health. A few microbes, pesticides and other warm-blooded microorganisms could cause ailment and death.

There are plenty of well water treatment methods to get rid of such kind of issues. Not a single treatment can fight with all water-related issues. Mostly well water owners purified home water to remove contaminants and improved water taste and quality.

Well, the most common and authentic household water purifier system is given below.

1.Disinfecting with chlorine:

Chlorine is best to make water portable by eliminating bacteria and viruses. Disinfecting purification of well water make it safe for drinking for the city population. The bleach is the common term used for household water treatment chlorine. Its reasonable 4-6% is useful for disinfectant water treatment.

Simply use 2 drops for each liter and 8 drops for a pure gallon of water. Scientists verify this specific amount for treating water. Make sure to use odorless bleach every time. Chlorine is best for removal of; bacteria and Nor virus, cause intestinal disease and diarrhea. Particularly use chlorine 30 minutes before consumption of water for best results.


Water filtration–probably the most common method of well water purification. Its versatility and ease of use made this best water treatment method. well Water filters come in various sizes, and forms, most of them come in a portable form. The best thing about this filter is, it get directly connected with the sink. You can also link the sink connection with the refrigerator to get quality water from every spot.

The filtration system purified the water by activated charcoal with a rounded carbon block. This porous material caters to the contaminated from the well water. With the flow of water, all the contaminated and pollutants stick with the carbon, allowing the flow of clean water from the basin.

These carbon filtration methods are efficient to remove 81 types of contaminates. In this way, it has become the most popular purification Method. Its portability, durability, and affordability have made this the best method for well water purification.

3.UV Purification:

Ultraviolet water purification is a very effective method for well water. This water purification method is effectively disinfecting the bacteria from water. For attacking microorganism’s genetic core (DNA), UV rays enter harmful pathogens in water and destroy illness-causing microorganisms. UV rays are also efficient in eliminating the ability to reproduce these microorganisms.

The ultraviolet water purification system destroys 99.99% of harmful microorganisms. Using the ultraviolet water purification method is effective, exceptionally simple and environmentally safe. UV rays make well water taste and odor better by disinfecting microorganisms. It consistently provides safe water for use, because it is not a filter. UV system, purified every drop of water that enters into it.


Distillation is a widely used method for well water purification. It is very effective for the treatment of well water. The distillation process is done by splitting the components from a liquid mixture, using selective boiling and condensation. The water is heated at the required temperature and then the liquid converts into gas. And then gas condensed into the liquid form and collected.

The best thing about this method, it produces extra pure water. Extra High-quality water could obtain by repeating the whole process. The distillation method can be used when the other filtration facilities are not available. But this is the best and simple technique to purify water from contaminants.

5.Boiling of water:

The most simple and easy technique of water purification is the boiling of water. The boiling of water is the most effective and least expensive solution. Boiling water is enough to kill pathogenic bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. Boiling water is effective for any type of water and boiling is a very old technique.

In case of emergency and unavailability of other filters or methods, boiling water is better. Simply boil water until the appearance of first big bubbles and let the water cool naturally. Then you can use it. Boiling water can’t destroy other containments like salts, heavy metals, and other chemicals. It also takes time in boiling and cooling water,  but it is the best method of filtration in case of emergency.

6.Reverse Osmosis:

Reverse osmosis is a water purification method that removes molecules, ions and other larger particles from well water using a semi-permeable membrane. Water moves toward the membrane through pressure. The membrane collects the salts and containment from the water. And passes low concentrated clean water. When the water passes through the membrane, 95-99% of the dissolved salt removed.

The membrane doesn’t allow large containment to pass through it, but small particles can pass through it freely. The reverse osmosis technique is a very effective method for well water purification. It reduces water containment and provides good quality water.

7.Iodine treatment:

Iodine treatment is another technique for purifying well water. The treatment of iodine is simple, effective and cost-efficient. In this method disrupting ionic balance done with the pathogenic cells. All types of bacteria destroy in this process. Iodine changes the chemicals necessary virus or bacteria to increase with iodide ions. People who traveled or live in areas where municipal water treatment is not available iodine treatment works best.

Iodine treatment proves beneficial and useful for all places. You cannot use it as a primary source of water filtration for a long time because it creates health problems.

8.Solar water purification:

Another famous method for water purification is solar water purification. It is effective for well water. Solar water disinfection (SODIS) uses solar energy to make water contaminated with viruses, bacteria, worms, and protozoa safe to drink. It is a very simple and easy technique for water treatment.

Water keeps in the transparent container to exposed in the sunlight for a few hours. All the pathogenic bacteria and viruses presented in water interact with solar radiation. This is the simplest way to purify water and make it bacteria-free. This method is safe and very effective for well water.

Importance of Well water purification:

Our body system mainly depends on water. The lack of water could cause dehydration in the body. As we, all know our municipal water and well water contains millions of particle. They could contain various kinds of contaminants, chemicals, and pesticides as mentioned above. Nobody wants to drink that water directly.

In this way, the purification of water has become a need. With the mentioned, reviewed methods of well water purification, we tried our best to give you a solution to contaminated water. All the methods have their own strength and weakness as per your needs. Many of them are revolutionary and have advanced technology. Our approach is to utilize these methods ensuring to give you a guarantee to have pure and clean water.

We are thankful for you to read our review. It would love to have your feedback on this how-to purify well water for drinking. We assure that these methods will help you to get the pure and standardized well water. Just try these methods for a healthy lifestyle. We hope you will be able to get the advantages of well water by applying these methods.

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