Difference Between Hard Water And Soft Water

Difference Between Hard Water And Soft Water (Full Explaination)

You have heard the ‘hard water’ & ‘soft water’ term probably. You may surprise to hear that one is healthier and the other is harmful. Yes! Hard water contains a verity of harmful minerals and salts. On the other side; soft water has contains healthier minerals.

Although tap water seems crystal, clear by the naked eye. Reality is, it contains millions of minerals. The concentration of these minerals and chemicals decides the hard and soft water.

However, both hard and soft water as benefits and hazards as well. In this article, you will be able to identify healthier water–the benefits and hazards of water intake.

The difference between Hard Water and Soft water:

Hard water-

It primarily identified by the calcium and magnesium amount. The high concentration of these salts increases in the hardness of the water.

Naturally, it comes from the rain. With time passing by various channels, it carries those dissolved minerals. It takes the chalk, calcium, and lime-like minerals. As hard water has some important minerals, and flavor it can be used for drinking.

In drinking, you may feel little difference in taste. Its high salt concentration is harmful to health. In industries, hard water creates a huge problem in plumbing. However, there are various procedures to converts hard water into soft water.

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Soft Water

It is naturally occurring water. This contains low minerals and salt quantity. It contains low calcium ions. This considers as ideal for industrial and household usage.

Soft water can be batter observed by household chores. It does not calcium on heating. In addition, you can observe the benefits of bathing. It keeps your skin free from dryness and roughness.

However, soft water has also some side effects. The softening procedure removes the healthy minerals increased the sodium level. Nevertheless, soft water gets clean easier than hard water.

Identification of soft and hard water:

The most useful technique to find hardness is foam formation with soap. Hard water does not produce foam with soap. A white scaling formed with any detergent. Produce less leather with soap. Another way to know is; clogging of pipes. A milky and cloudy appearance indicated hard water in the tank.

In the side, Soft water can easily dissolve the soap. Produce a good amount of foam. Free from any kind of scaling. Keep your piping clean from scum. A good amount of leather is produced with soap. A clear and clean appearance indicated soft water.

Advantages and disadvantages of hard water:

Hard Water:

In daily routine use, hard and soft water can easily identify. Hard water leaves white spots on dishes after washing. However, there are both the advantages and disadvantages of hard water.


  • Rich in minerals
  • Suitable for drinking up to some extent
  • Better in taste
  • Useful for cardiovascular disease patients
  • The rich amount of calcium and magnesium


  • Clothes seem rough after washing
  • Leave white spots on dishes
  • Use more energy
  • Harmful for home appliances
  • Cause skin diseases
  • Scum produce in bathtubs
  • Could cause eczema

Soft Water:

Soft water naturally occurs. It keeps everything clean after washing. Soft water is more volatile–contaminated faster. It has more advantages the disadvantage. That is why it is more in use than hard water.


  • Keeps the dishes clean
  • Gives a fresh look to clothes
  • Increase the life of Spain of appliances
  • Keeps the piping free from clogging
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Good leather produced with soap


  • Not good for health
  • Cause circulatory problems
  • Not for drinking purpose
  • It can be harmful for blood circulation

Associated health issues with hard water

Not any adverse health issue is associated with drinking hard water.

The hard water could cause dry skin and rough hair. The longer use of hard water could cause hair fall and itching in the scalp.

It could affect the PH of the skin. Make it weaker for infection and bacterial attack. People suffering from eczema may be vulnerable.

If someone is suffering from the problems. The best solution is to install a water-softening system. Use good hair creams and moisturizers to combat hard water.

Benefits of Hard water:

Hard water contains a good amount of calcium and magnesium daily intake of hard water could cover the deficiency of these minerals.

It is also beneficial for cardiovascular disease. However, there is not any accurate proof related to this fact.

Associated health issues with Soft water

Soft water has a lesser amount of calcium and magnesium. If your diet already contains these minerals then no risk t drink it.

In the case of high blood pressure, it could raise. Due to the high concentration of sodium. Soft water works as a high salt concentration.

It is advised to install a water-softening device to avoid this risk. Soft water in more dilute; it could easily carry the lead particles from pipes.

Benefits of Soft water:

Soft water is more effective as a cleaning agent. You need not spend money on cleaning clothes repeatedly.

Usually prefers for cleaning. It keeps the clothes and places free from scum and scaling. Produce a good amount of leather with soap.

A longer shower can take in soft water. It does not cause-effect on skin and hair. Improve the hair shine.

Hard water solutions:

Various methods are used to tackle hard water solutions. A water softener is used for this purpose.

Few useful methods are discussed below:

  1. Water softening process:

The water softening process is an excellent solution for hard water. A resin bed is a use in this that exchanges the hard ions with soft ones. Most of the hard ions converted into soft ion in the resin bed.

The main component is the salt present in the bin. Another term for this resin bed is the regeneration process. All of this process depends on the level of hardness.

The main types of softening processes are mention below.

  • Dual softener tank

This process is best for household use. It takes a huge amount of water. These two big iron tanks work for water softening.

Its construction gives full-time soft water. If one reformed other, one keeps its work with full functionality. However, these are expensive. This system useful for the long-term, you will definitely enjoy its working. 

  • Salt base Softeners process

In this primarily softening process is done by salt. This process also is known, as a classical method. Salt base softening is much popular as an ion exchange process.

This system is much reasonable. You will enjoy its working as household use.

  • Salt-free softeners

In this process salt is an essential ingredient. It cannot do without salt usage. In this way, it works just like another process.

Mainly it works as a water conditioner. The best thing about this method it does not remove anything from the water. The prime purpose is to restrain the pipe from clogging.

However, this system is much relief. This is not the actual softener.

  • Magnetic Descalers

Its working is much unusual as a water softener. This works as an alternative as not very popular as a softener. However, this system has many advantages.

It does not require any installation. It’s a bypass valve that does need ay plumbing. This only needs a few wires to coil around the pipes, and you are ready for soft water. Wires are plugs with electric connection.

This device then generates a magnetic field around pipes. Ion exchange is done in water. It is quite similar to the salt base process. It keeps the pipes free from limescale and clogging.

  1. Headwaters Shower:

This filter works just like other filter systems. It consists of several stages. These stages remove most of the contaminants.

Most of the VOCs, chloramines, chlorine, and pesticides are removing by different stages. Other components like zinc and copper are removed by the KDF filter.

This filter is best for removing 99% chlorine from water. You will definitely love to install this device as a household.

Bottom line conclusion:

Many peoples can use Hard and soft water. Most of them drink it without any side effects. Hard water is rich in mineral and good in taste. Most of the people prefer to use it for drinking. However, to have safe water is in need. Everyone wants a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Most of the people got affected but the higher level of sodium in soft water. However, the potassium base softener can reduce this issue.

The places where only soft water is available. The solution is Bottled water for drinking purposes. Soft water can be used for other household usages. But as it affects health. So, it would be better to install some good softening device. That will keep you and your family healthy.

There is a lot of water softener. If water is an issue for you. Then talk to the plumber and have some good softening process.

The detailed guidance is provided; go through before buying any process.



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