Difference Between Distilled Water And Purified Water

Difference Between Distilled Water And Purified Water

Pure and clean water is the main desire for every person. People like to drink and use clean and pure water. There is no surety that the tap water is clear because it contains may unwanted impurities and particles. You can only get pure, clean and water with good taste by using a reliable filtration system.

There are different filtration methods that have used many times. They produce two types of filtered water distilled water and purified water. Distilled water produced by boiling and condensing. And the filtration system is used for producing purified water.

What is Distilled water?

Distilled water is the purest water form. It’s a specific type of purified water that experienced an evaporation process. The distillation process consists of boiling and condensing. In the distillation process, the water in the initial chamber is heated and turns into steam.

All minerals, containment, and chemicals are left behind. Only clean water travels through a distiller and into the collection chamber. The result is 100% pure distilled water that is safe, clean and great taste.

What is Purified Water?

Purified water is the water of any type that has been processed or filtered to remove mineral content and impurities. The purification processes include distillation, carbon filtering, reverse osmosis, micro filtration, ultraviolet oxidation, and deionization. These processes create extremely pure water. Mostly groundwater or tap water is used for purification. Through purification, many types of impurities are removed like bacteria, algae, fungi, parasites, metals like copper and lead, etc.

Purified water is produced in numerous ways like reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, ultraviolet oxidation, micro filtration, and deionization.

Health benefits of Distilled & Purified:

Water is the most important basic need of life. It’s important for your overall health. Unclear water is very harmful to your health. The main purpose of a water purification system is to provide you pure water which is better for your health. There are many health benefits that you can get by using distilled and purified water. Some benefits of distilled and purified water given below:

Distilled Water:

  1. Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine is mostly used to keep the water clean and safe for consumption. Chlorine does a very good job of harmful bacteria in the water. It also creates a bad smell in the water. Chlorine combines with other compounds to create chemicals that have been linked to cancer. It’s also very hard on eyes and skin, so it’s not ideal for people with sensitive skin.

  1. Consume the Purest Water Possible

There is no need for chlorine in the distillation process. Distilled water is free from a verity of harmful chemicals. Because water is boiled at extreme temperatures during the distillation process, there is a very low risk of exposing yourself to any unsafe elements.

Distilled water is the most preferred type for use in perfumeries and laboratories, and medical clinics.

  1. Improve Digestion

Distilled water is free from pollution and inorganic minerals that can delay your body’s ability to absorb nutrients properly. Distilled water can create a good impact on your body and improve the digestive system.

  1. Avoid Confusing Health Issues

Chronic health issues like chronic headaches, brain fog, or eczema can occur due to an environmental factor like unclean water. Many people feel improvement from these kinds of problems by using distilled water.

  1. Prevent Water-Borne Diseases

Distilled water can also help prevent a variety of serious diseases, including parasitic and bacterial infection. Tap water can cause all kinds of water-borne illnesses.

  1. Improve Health and Appearance of Your Skin and Hair

Distilled water is good for drinking and for bath use. It improves the appearance of your skin and hair. It can make skins shiny and increase hair look. So no need to pay more for expensive hair and skin care products.

  1. Save Money

If you are facing confusing health issues and spending a lot of money to visit a doctor to deal with issues. You have to try the water distiller. It solves your maximum confusing health issues. Because most health issues are occurring due to an unhealthy diet and drinking.

  1. No Need to Worry about Mineral Deficiencies

Most people worry that distillers can create minerals deficiency in the body. It is true that beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium removed from the water. But you can fulfill this deficiency by eating a healthy diet.

Tap water is not the main source of minerals. Drinking eight glass of hard water will provide 15 percent of the recommended amount of magnesium and calcium.

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Purified Water:

  1. Chlorine

The stuff which used to clean swimming pools, that also used to decontaminate your drinking water. That’s why tap water taste is not so good. Tap water is not good for your health. A decent carbon filter will reduce chlorine by 99%.

  1. Dirty pipes

Tap water comes from pipelines. Most of the pipelines are too old and not properly cleaned. You can’t trust the quality of water coming out of it. So a good water purifier system is necessary for clean water.

  1. Bacteria

The water purifier is necessary to get rid of bacteria. Because when the water comes into tap from the main source it contains most of the impurities and bacteria. Water purifier filters easily remove all kinds of bacteria.

  1. Essential minerals

Water purifier can’t take the necessary minerals from your water. Calcium, magnesium, and potassium are necessary for the body. Most of the system like reverse osmosis will take out all minerals from the water. Water purification system filters can’t remove the necessary minerals from the water. In this way, your body gets important minerals.

  1. Taste and smell

The taste and smell of tap water are not good.  It contains unhealthy and unwanted particles that make it taste bad. The water purifier’s main purpose is to provide clean and clear water with good taste and smell. In this way, a water purifier provides you healthy water for usage.

Water Purification:


  • When the water purified the unwanted substance got separated.
  • It is clean and safe for consumption and also in doing household tasks.
  • This can’t take lots of energy to maintain.
  • It is a simple and easy process.
  • This provides better taste water.
  • It reduces the chlorine level in drinking water.
  • Purified water used for many purposes like laboratory testing, laser cutting, automotive uses, and autoclaves.


  • Most of the impurities not completely removed.
  • Lots of maintains required so that it can perform well.
  • It takes the cost of purchasing and installation.
  • Filter changes generally required and it creates environmental pollution.


Water Distillation:


  • The water distillation process is very effective in removing particles.
  • It removes multiple types of containment simultaneously like bacteria and viruses etc.
  • This gives clean and good taste to water.
  • Distilled water used for cleansing purposes and in experiments
  • It is also for filling wet batteries.
  • Distilled water is completely pure it can’t contain minerals and impurities.


  • It removes beneficial minerals as well as harmful ones.
  • Water became very plain.
  • Its distillation process takes too much time.

Best to choose Distilled or Purified Water:

An interesting fact is that distilled water is purified water. Distillation technology used to purify water. Too much energy used in the water distillation process. And time required in the distillation of water. It also removes the necessary minerals from the water.

Reverse osmosis or other filters also used to purify water. They are cost-effective and take low energy in the purification process. They don’t eliminate the necessary minerals from the water.

Both techniques are good for water purification. Not every technique is ultimately on to your requirements. Both techniques have their own pros and cons. If can consume more energy and wait for water purification you have to choose distilled water. If you cost and energy saver then purified water is best for you.


Distilled and purified water is pure water. Basically distillation and purification both are different technologies for water purification. But distilled water is the purest water because it removes all kinds of impurities. It can also remove minerals like magnesium, calcium, and fluoride which are necessary for your body. Deficiency of these minerals can affect your health and dehydrate you. The Major drawback of that lots of energy consumed to produce distilled water. So, it is not cost-effective.

As compared to distilled water purified water is much better. Purified water is cost-effective and its energy consumption is very low. It doesn’t the necessary minerals from the water. By using it your body can’t face the problem of dehydration and necessary minerals’ deficiency. So, you will get pure and good quality water at a reasonable price.

There is a little difference in the purity of purified and distilled water. But the creation process and energy consumption of purified water are much better than distilled water. So, purified water is the best choice for you.

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