Best Whole House Water Filter for Lead

6 Best Whole House Water Filter for Lead 2020 (Expert Reviews)

Do you want your family’s life to be at risk? Of course not. We would do everything to make sure the wellness and health of our family are not compromised. Do you know that the water you’re getting in your home may contain lead? Do you know about its harmful effects? Don’t worry! Your all questions will be answered in this article as we will also be discussing the Best Whole House Water Filter for Lead.

For years, water has been supplied to homes traditionally via lead pipes. Lead can not be identified by the human eye or even smelled, unlike other minerals and toxins. The house built before the 1980s supplied mostly all water via the lead plumbing system. Sadly, after years of this system’s usage, it has been found that water dissolves the lead from those pipes.

Researches carried out in recent years have proven that the consumption of lead cause damage to the kidneys and red blood cells. Also, it can cause brain disorders and is extremely dangerous for infants and unborn children.

Normal filters like tap purifiers allow you to filter the water whenever you want. These techniques are however time-consuming and only work if they are mounted on every household fixture. A whole house filter system is a more effective technology than these limited filtrations methods.

As the name suggests, the whole house water filter successfully filters all the water entering your house. Installation of these systems ensures that filtered water comes out each time you open the water tap. In fact, your shower, washing machine, and even the toilet will be supplied with this filtered water.

There are many effective water filters in the market that assure upto 99% extraction of lead particles from the water. hey are all designed to efficiently extract the lead and are built not only to eliminate lead but also to decrease toxins, bacteria, and other impurities.

The human body requires healthy and clean water and it is important to pick the right water filter to ensure cleanliness and eliminate all health haphazard. There are so many options available on the market that it gets really difficult for a normal person to decide to opt for the perfect water filter for his/her house.

5 Best Whole House Water Filter for Lead 2020

Don’t worry we have got you covered here as well. We will be listing the top 7 products that are not only critically acclaimed but have gotten favorable reviews from customers as well.

We assure you that the buying guide and review will help you to make a decision. You will not have to go to other places to search for the best whole house filter for the lead.

 1.i-Spring WGB22B-PB (Best Whole House Water Filter for Lead)

This I-spring model is the best whole house filter for lead removal. This is the best entry point for the filtration of lead from well water or municipal supply. It works on the function of the reverse osmosis system. This WGB22B system is installed in the specified faucet. This means that it provides you clean water from every faucet of your home. It removes the lead and cleans the water in 2 stages. Let us see what happens in these two stages.

First Stage:

This stage has CTO carbon black filter in a coconut shell. This black carbon is made up of finely ground carbon powder that packs in solid block. This made it the highest density filter. Due to fine carbon powder, its efficiency is much higher than many other filters. It works more effectively to target contaminants and sediments. This step is best to remove 99% of chlorine from water. Moreover, it can remove VOCs like pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical substance.

Second Stage:

This stage is designed to remove lead and iron. This specific iron and lead filter only present in WGB22B 2 staged filter. It is not required for simple municipal water. It works efficiently in the present of chemicals.

This filter is easy to install. No specific professional plumbing is required. All the required accessories come in the box. NSF certifies it. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

We suggest having this device to drink lead-free water.


  • It reduce the lead below to standard of EPA
  • Its flow rate is 15 gallon/minutes
  • It filter is specified to produce 1 million gallons before replacement
  • It is specified to remove lead
  • This can use a whole house filter


  • It required a huge space to fit
  • This gets a freeze, temperature check is required
  • It does not work as a water softener

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2. Aquasana OptimH2O (Removes 99% Lead, Chlorine & Chloramines)

Aquasana OptimH2O is supposed to be the best filter for chemical removal. It works in the 3-stage process by re-mineralization. This works on the reverse osmosis process. It can purify 97% of chemicals. This is highly efficient to remove fluorides, nitrites, arsenic and lead up to 96.6%. Let see its filter 4 stages working.


In this step most of the larger particle and chlorine traps. In this way, you will see a clear difference in taste and bad odor as well. The RO (reverse osmosis system) works effectively to cater to the other bigger particles by protecting the heart of the system. As a result, the system can work efficiently for a longer run.


This stage the reverse osmosis work perfectly to remove various chemicals. It can remove the lead 96.7%, nitrates up to 82.40% and many of the arsenic pentavalent substances. In this way, you get the heavy metals free water from every point in your house.


In this stage, the carbon filters work to remove most of the remaining contaminants. It is estimated that it removes 5 times more substances and sediments than then the previous stage. In this, all the pesticides, herbicides, and chloramines are removed.


Finally, in this last stage all the missing minerals come back in the water. The Calcium, magnesium, and potassium added to maintain the PH level. This stage also helps to improves the water taste and make it natural.


  • It can give 1 million gallons of clear water
  • Remove 96% of lead and nitrates
  • Filter change is easy
  • Maintenance is quite easy


  • Flow rate is slower
  • All parts need installation

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3. i-Filters XWH-600  (Best Chlorine & Lead)

The i-Filters XWH-600 is a 600,000-gallon long-lasting high performing whole house filter system. The main aim of this filter is to provide clean and crystal clear water.

This filter is connected with a Sediment pre-filter. The main purpose of this pre-filter is to filter sediments, sand, rust, silt, dirt, scale particles, and many other particles. After this water comes in the main filter which contains Copper Zinc and Coconut Activated Carbon. The Copper Zinc reduces the chlorine, heavy metals, odor, VOC’s and inhibits scale, bacteria and algae growth. The Coconut Activated Carbon filters organic as well as chlorine, phenols, pesticides, taste & odor and other chemicals that may be present. In this way, this filter provides water with good taste and a crystal clear look.

This filter provides 600,000 gallon capacity for a household with 1-3 bathrooms. This filter has 1 inlet and 1 outlet for a high flow of water. This whole house water filter system design for best performance. It is compatible with both large homes and commercial buildings. Use it anywhere when sediment and CTO filtration is needed.

This filtration system is ideal for home, restaurants, commercial, spas and many other applications. It provides your family with outstanding healthy and clean water throughout your home. Water quality can affect water heaters, washing machines and appliances so, by using it you can increase the life of appliances.


  • This product is designed and assembled in California
  • It comes with Long-lasting high-performance 600,000-gallon unit
  • Price of this filter is lower than other and low maintenance cost is required
  • It is designed for Ultra Superior Performance
  • Easy installation process
  • Made from Certified Component
  • It reduces superior chlorine & odor
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Chemical resistant pleated pre filter and Non-woven polyester bacteria
  • It reduces chlorine Up to 99%
  • This filter is durable and serves many years


  • You have to replace the filter after 4 to 6 months.

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4.i-Spring WGB32B-PB  (Best Water Filter for Lead)

While it’s one of the most compact water filtering systems on the market, it also has several options for a 3-stage sediment removal filtering, active carbon filtering, and a filtering cartridge for manganese dioxide to eliminate iron. This system is a regular house water filtering system, as it filters up to 100 kg of water before filter replacement is required.

When it comes to the maintenance of these filters, then you can sit back and relax as they take the job of maintaining themselves. Each stage guarantees the product’s durability. It can be attached to any tap or faucet in your home. It can also be attached to appliances like washing machines, etc.

This water filtration device is equipped with a special water filter for lead, iron, and manganese as it successfully filters out these impurities making your water purer. The remaining two stages are a sediment filter and a CTO carbon filter so that all the water pollutants are eliminated so you can safely use the water.

Filtration Stages:

This lead filtration system works in three stages. The dirt is extracted from the water in the first stage. Even if the water is clean when it leaves the municipal supply, it can get contaminated passing through the old pipes.

In the second stage, the contaminations that are prone to clog are successfully removed in a huge amount. Lastly, the iron and lead reducing filter extracts out the iron, and lead impurities from the water to make it super clean.

Why should you get this Whole House Water Filtration System?

You should get yourself this filtration system, if the water at your house is high in lead or Iron, as it is considered Best Whole House Water Filter for Lead and iron removal. This system will also help if your appliances are damaged from the excess of lead and iron.

The reverse osmosis filtering of iSpring systems is very robust and works also for commercial purposes since they filter water for a whole unit. All filter components are NSF and ANSI Standard tested by the third party. This whole house filter is capable of supplying an average family with 100,000 gallons of water each year.


  • Complete filtering system.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • It has a larger RO membrane means which results in faster water production.
  • The water leakage alarm is included in the kit.
  • Restores mineralization processes for healthier water overall.


  • Vulnerable to leaking.
  • Smaller-sized 100,000-gallon capacity.

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5. Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter

Express water lead water filter is one of the best water filters. It easily removes containments, sediments, and odors. Express water heavy metal filter is highly effective in removing lead, iron, chlorine, and heavy metals, etc.

Express heavy metal whole house water filter works in three-stage with the help of three filters. In the 1st stage, sediment deals with the water. Sediment filter stops coarse damaging contaminants like dirt, sand, and rust from damaging your other filters and appliances. In the 2nd stage, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) filter captures heavy metals containments.

KDF filter prevents and controls the growth of microorganisms. The KDF filter effectively captures chloramine, lead, aluminum, viruses, sulfur, and arsenic, etc. In the 3rd stage, Activated Carbon Block (ACB) effectively removes chemicals.

ACB filter captures pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chlorine, total organic carbon (TOC) and chemicals causing bad odors and taste. The main purpose of this filter is removing harmful chemicals from water. This filter makes taste and drinkability better.

The express water whole house filter protects your health and health by filtering all incoming water in your home. It removes and captures all major containment and provides clean water for cooking, drinking, showering and other home uses.


  • This filtration system works perfectly; makes water quality much better by removing unhealthy particles
  • This filter is easy to install
  • After installing this, there is no noticeable drop in the water pressure. It provides a constant flow of water pressure
  • This filter comes with a one-year warranty and manufacture gives lifetime support for this product
  • You can easily see when the filter needs to be changed
  • A single filter gives services for six months to a year easily


  • This is heavy that’s why it requires the ground installation and reinforced mount
  • Outlet and inlet ports may be leaked prone

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6. iSpring 6-Stage (best water filter for lead removal)

This water filtration system comes with an alkaline pH filter that makes sure that you get the cleanest water. This system uses six filtration stages which is a high number as compared to the other water filtration systems in the market that make use of two or three steps.

The iSpring 6-stage water filter system has been engineered to fit under the sink for exceptional skills. This filter system not only extracts up to 98% of lead from your water, but it also eliminates more than 1,000 pollutants and simultaneously softens your water.

It can produce 75 gallons of purified water and wastes 3 gallons to generate a gallon of filtered water but this volume varies according to the pressure of the feed water. iSpring offers a contaminant rejection score of up to 99% on this system.

Filtration Stages:

The first carbon filter, PP Sediment, eliminates sediment such as rust and sand. Chlorine, odor, and flavor can be eliminated by the second carbon filter, GAC; the second filter can be used for a year. CTO, the third carbon filter eliminates toxic contaminants such as VOCs and lead, purifying your water in the finest manner.

The fourth filter, the RO membrane, creates quality drinking water and may last for good three years. The fifth, post-carbon filter eliminates any residual taste or scent from the tank and lasts up to one year. The sixth pH filter improves the water alkalinity and restores good minerals and will last for a year.

How to change the filters?

If you want to change the filters, you may simply loosen the package with the plastic spanner wrench. Proceed with unscrewing and taking the used filter out. Then, push the new filter by applying vaseline to the ring and then screwing in. Tighten it in the end with the help of a spanner.


  • Complete filtering system.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • It has a larger RO membrane means which results in faster water production.
  • The water leakage alarm is included in the kit.
  • Restores mineralization processes for healthier water overall.


  • Only filters water at 100 degrees or less.
  • The alkaline levels are not too good.
  • You need to have some DIY skills for installation.

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Buyers Guide:

Even though, all the filters work for water cleaning. However, not every house needs the same filter. The water quality varies in every region. There are certain filters that need to remove specific contaminants. So, the filters influence a lot on the removal of contaminates.

You should take the following consideration before buying any filter.

Basic Essential to look:

The flow rate of water:

Different filters have different flow rates. A person’s daily requirement of water is about 10 gallons. THEREFORE, you need to make sure the water usage at your whole house. Then you should have the flow rate according to that

Specific filter:

Filters are specific to remove certain contaminants. You need to make sure about the contaminants present in the water of your region. Then move to the best whole house filter for lead that needs to purify those contaminants.

What filter do I need?

As the water, quality is different in different regions. First, know about the water quality by testing. Then you should know about the following factor before buying a whole house water filter for lead:


After the result of water testing, you will be able to choose the right filter. Normally the filters have 0.35 microns rating. Most of the expensive filters only capture 1-micron particles.


As per your house water consumption, you should choose a filter. If you buy a cheap filter, it will get expired just after a few hundred gallons; If water consumption is greater. So, you should keenly observe the water usage of your house then choose a filter. A good filter can work for 1 year by producing 1 million gallons of clean water.

Filter life:

A normal filter can produce 1 million gallons of clean water. The filter life directly depends on the water usage of the house. After clear identification of your house water needs filter longevity is an essential aspect for better results.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQs):

Do home water filters remove lead?

Ans: Yes, whole house water filters successfully remove lead from your water. However, you must check out the description of a water filtration system before buying it as not all water filters are designed to extract lead from your water. So, you must buy the ones that clearly say that they can remove lead from the water entering your house.

Is lead in water bad for you?

Ans: Lead is an inhibited toxic metal that can make its way to the water entering your house via old pipes. Drinking water with lead in it can be very dangerous, however, the danger depends upon the chemical conditions of the water, the amount in which it is consumed, and upon the person’s health. Lead in water can be extremely dangerous for infants and children so it must be filtered out before drinking.

How do I know if there is lead in my water?

Ans: Since you can not see or taste lead in your water, it can be difficult to tell if there is any in your water. However, there are some things that you can do to find this out.

  • Firstly, you may contact your municipal water supplier and ask him about the lead’s presence. By law, he will be obliged to tell you what is present in your water.
  • Another way to find this out is to check if your house has lead plumbing as the lead water pipes and faucets can make your water prone to lead contamination.
  • If that doesn’t work out then you can take the job into your own hands and use a lead testing kit to check the lead levels in the water yourself.

What do you do if you have lead in your water?

Ans: If you find lead in your water, the best way to filter it out is by using a good water filtration system specially built to filter out lead from your water.

Does boiling water remove lead?

Ans: You can not remove lead from the water by heating or boiling it. As some of the water evaporates during the boiling process, the water’s lead concentration can rise slightly as you boil the water.

Does lead stay in your system forever?

Ans: Lead can cause problems with the heart, blood formation, reproduction, kidney function, nerve damage, and in some circumstances, it may even lead to death. If the lead has entered your body, it can be stored for years in the bones as well. Even after exposure ends, the lead will return to the bloodstream to cause more damage to the brain and other organs in the coming years.

Can you taste lead in water?

Ans: You can not taste or smell lead in water. You can not even see lead’s presence with a naked eye.  The easiest way to know the risk of exposure to lead in the water supply is to find possible sources of plumbing in your home and service lines.


As now you know the harmful effects of lead, you also know the importance of removing it from your water. You can change your pipes from time to time to reduce the amount of lead in your water, but it can be a very expensive process. So, the best way for lead extraction is to get yourself a good water filter especially built for lead removal.

Choosing the Best Whole House Water Filter for Lead can be an easier job if you know what exactly you are looking for. We have mentioned our top choices with their unique characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks to help to choose the best filter available in the market. You may pick the one that meets your requirements and budget.



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