6 Best Whole House Water Filter for Hard Water 2020

9 Best Whole House Water Filter for Hard Water (Expert Opinion)

Do you want your water to be in its freshest form and prevent all detrimental effects of the sediments, minerals, and other impurities? If yes, you need to use a best whole house water filter for hard water to filter out the hard water entering your house and remove all the impurities to make it pure and healthy.

The hard water filter system are installed at the entrance of your house, and they finely filter out all the water entering your home. These filters effectively remove the harmful impurities and make the water safe for your family to drink and use for other purposes. These filters may differ in type, size, and technology-based upon how contaminated the water is in your area.

Every water filter is designed specially to counter specific problems. A whole house filtration system is needed for the water that has more than one problem. Filtration systems can be considered a more efficient and cost-effective way, as they save you a lot in the long-run and are incredibly beneficial.

Thankfully, we have a good range of hard water filters available in the market. In this guide, we will be covering the best options out there in the market. We will also discuss the things that you need to consider carefully before buying a whole house water filter for hard water in our buying guide.

Top 6 Whole House Water Filter for Hard Water 2020

After reading this article, you will be knowledgeable enough to make the right decision to opt for the perfect water filter that would correctly suit your requirements.

Since there are so many filters available in the market, it might get difficult for a layperson to choose the perfect one for his specific requirements. We will be covering the top three products for tackling hard water that has gotten favorable reviews from the consumers and critics.

1.Watts WH-LD Premier (Best Water Filter for Hard Water)

This is the most interesting whole house filter for hard water that brings versatility and convenience to your life. Just like other filters, it has 3 cartridges that give the maximum effect. Watts WH filters have consecutively 50-micron filters then 20-micron and finally 5-micron to give pure water.

It has also an option for 4th filters that will be just like the cherry on the icing. The presence of a carbon filter minimized the rotten egg smell from water.
This WH- whole house filter for hard water covers the whole house necessities effectively. It comes with an additional bypass valve–No water supply cut while a filter is changing.

All the 3 filters have 15,000 gallons of water per filter. A little bit of water pressure drop during the whole life.
If you are newly aware of the water filter.

This whole system comes with a complete installation guide. You can easily install this by yourself. Let us see the main feature of this whole house filter for hard water.

Main Features:

  • The installation is quite easy and straightforward; you do not need any professional installation.
  • Its carbon filter has 1million-filtered capacity; removes most of the impurity for a longer duration.
  • Its input and output feature with 15000 gallons per filter provides continuous clean water in every second.
  • It gives excellent value by massive duty filtered water. Remind working for an extended period- during the replacement of the filter.


  • It comes with a defaulted filter
  • Installation is quite simple
  • Long life span with 15000 gallons of water
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • It comes with a bypass valve


  • It could leak with poor installation
  • Customer care is not that good

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2. Fleck SXT 5600 

This is the best whole house system for hard water. If you are using well water of municipal water, you have to face various issues with purity. This filter is best to make you able to get rid of such kind of issues.

This filter enables you to have contaminants free water from each tap of your house. It is efficient to removes all the cloudiness, turbidity, chemicals, and sediments from water. It provides you mineral-rich water with removing odor.
This the best solution for all your filtration needs.

The installation is easy and needs no professional assistance. Its clear housing makes you enable to see filtration and working. The most prominent feature is its digital control head for; display, touch control and water flow meter. The display made the easy configuration of the system. The meter helps to save the water from salt.

This is the best affordable filter with a sleek design. This whole house system is durable. You can have the best water softening system at your house. We highly recommend this to you for a healthy family life.
Let us have some main features below:

Main features:

  • It is designed to enhance the flow rate. Make the water flow three-time greater without dropping pressure.
  • The presence of granular carbon enables the capturing capacity. It tackles all the VOC,s, industrial chemicals, pollutants, and pesticides.
  • The filters also help to prevent the post from damaging sediments like dust, rust, and other clogging particles.
  • The carbons block eliminates the organic chemicals, turbidity and pharmaceutical particles. Enhance the water taste and make it able for drinking.


  • Work as a useful softener with various grade of hard water
  • The LCD display with intelligent regeneration
  • It comes with safety float to prevent overflow
  • Minimize the salt and wastage in water via intelligent regeneration
  • It is available at a reasonable price


  • Heavy filter system
  • Not enough for large families
  • Need a professional assistant for installation

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3.iSpring ED2000 (best home water filter for hard water)

This i-spring ED2000 works on the function of conventional water softening. If you have hard water in your tap and you do not want long-term maintenance. This I-spring is the best solution for all for such issues.

It is based on a scientifically proven descaler solution of hard water. It consists of two coils that rape around the water pipe of water. The production of electromagnetic waves makes hard minerals suspended in water by avoiding the limescale formation.

It is light in weight and the ability to fit anywhere. It tackles the harness up to 25 grains per gallons. This filter is the best solution for the salt of the whole house.

The installation needs a few minutes. It only needs power for working. It can be installed on all PVC and PEX pipes. it requires no maintenance. This amazing device comes with a money-back guarantee of 1 year. Also, the lifetime technical help Is free. let us see some main features of this amazing device.

Main features:

  • It is the best to water conditioning filter system with no exception.
  • Provide 25 grains per gallons, which is enough for the whole house. That increase the lifetime
  • It consists of only 2 coils. that takes a small space. That can be adjusted in any pipe
  • Filtration only required electricity. That keeps the hard water suspended in pipes and stop the limescale formation
  • The best thing is it increases the necessary minerals by removing all the unessential ones


  • It is environment-friendly
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low maintenance required
  • It comes with 1 year of warranty


  • Price is high
  • Availability is limited

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4. Hansing Heavy Duty Hard Water Filter

The Hansing water softener eliminates the buildup scale from the dishwasher, kitchen appliances, laundry, and heaters. Softening media is comes from polysaccharides, activated carbon coconut, and fruits.
No external chemicals are involved in filtering.

Due to chemicals, free filtering is the best softener for health. It is capable to keep all the essentials minerals in the water. it removes up to 97% of all the impurities and bad odor.
Its flow rate is amazingly high is 5 GPM.

The stainless steel housing made it corrosion-free. Make is resistant against alkali, acids, and heat. It comes with mounting brackets set. The water capacity is amazing up to 150,000 grain. It increases the lifespan of the filter.
This one is the best whole house filter for hard water. Organic filtering makes it the most recommended filtering system. let us look at the main features below:

Main Features:

  • It produces the highest capacity of water among various filters. This is 150,000 grains of water.
  • The whole working is free from chemicals. It works on the organic filters made up of polysaccharides, activated carbon, and fruits.
  • It keeps the essential minerals in water by removing the harmful ones.
  • Its installation is easy with long working and life span. Low maintenances needed in this.
  • The stainless steel housing makes it incredibly amazing to filter and extend its life.


  • It is quite easy to use
  • Minimizes the pipe clogging
  • It requires no chemicals for filtering
  • Installation is easy
  • Requires low maintenance


  • Not efficient to remove iron ions

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5. Home Master (Water Filtration System For Hard Water)

The Home Master is the best hard water filter. Its filtration is done in three stages. It finely removes all the sediments, chemicals, and impurities after filtering. Best to remove iron and lead form well water.
Its performance ensures to provide clean and pure water.

Its vast housing and design promote a high flow rate of 15 gallons /minute. Moreover, the extended interval of service– saves both time and money.

Furthermore, its filter is designed in such away. They cater to all the sediments, and chemicals particle. The rounded carbon filter enables to capture of iron and efficiently captures the hydrogen sulfide up to 3 ppm. It gives a guarantee to remove all the bad smells. Efficient enough to remove the rotten egg smell after filtering.

This  filter can cover the whole house’s basic need for water. Provide you a safer and healthy lifestyle. Let us see the most basic feature of this amazing filter system.

Main features:

  • The quality of the filter is amazing. It can remove the bigger and smaller enough to 1 microns particles.
  • It is best to Provides high-quality pure water.
  • The filtering capacity is great. Produce 1 million gallons of clean water with a 1-year filtering warranty.
  • This filter is specified to tackle manganese, lead, mercury, and other metals. This is the best solution for all kinds of sediments.


  • Its work efficiently to remove 95% of impurities
  • installation is quite easy and quick
  • Its performance is excellent
  • Its filtration occurs in 3 active stages
  • Working for a long time span
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty


  • Replacement of filter is expensive

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6. 3M Aqua-Pure 

The mineral is the essential need of our body but not for the appliances and pipes. The water in our house is full for such minerals with most of the other hard water minerals. Over time– Limescale, calcium, lead and other minerals clog the pipes.

This 3M Aqua works as the best salt softener–a traditional cure for hard water. This one is best to know to enhance essential minerals and improved taste. Aqua pure 3 M is the best whole house filter for hard water. Installed at the entry point of water and provide clean water in every tap of your house.

The whole unit is made up of stainless steel and a filter of activated charcoal. Efficiently reduce the–Chemicals, sediments, and bad odor. It has enough capacity to produce 1 million gallons of pure water. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

This AP04 Aqua is all in one solution to all the hard water and impure water. This would be the best choice for your whole house. Let us see some main features below.

Main features:

  • The stainless steel connectors make it safe form corrosion. This is an amazing feature installation material resistant to corrosion.
  • Its cartridges need simply a wrench for replacement and it is spill-free. This filter design is appropriate to SQC for this application.
  • Its flow rate is amazing with 20 gallons per minute with the highest capacity of 10,000 gallons.
  • It is best for both well and municipal water. Little assistant is required to avoid dirt, rust, and sediments for longer working. This whole house filter for hard water is amazing to covers the whole house need.


  • Its quality is amazing with steelhead connectors
  • Filter cartridge interchangeable with versatile functionality
  • Smart filter take minimum space
  • Filters need replacement once in a year
  • Installation is easier to need no professional assistance


  • Not good for filtration of well water
  • Pre-filtering needs to avoid clogging

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7. Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter

This  filter includes a transparent first stage housing in order to eliminate a variety of various water pollutants and contaminants. It also lets you monitor the system so that you would know when to change the filters.

It is a three-stage filtering system, so it kills more contaminants than its contemporaries. The high flow filtration is mainly designed to ensure that you do not encounter water pressure drops. Also, all components comply with NSF/ANSI requirements.

This is an ideal filter for those who feel that a two-stage filter does not offer them enough protection against bacteria and impurities found in the water. Such people may safely opt for this, as its three-stage filters offer more protection overall against the contaminants.

Every unit of this filter system is connected to high-capacity industrial connectors. Each link is rated at 45-80 psi for up to 0.25 gallons per second.

The filters are in the following order:

  1. Activated Carbon Block (Left)
  2. Kinetic Degradation Filter (Center)
  3. Sediment Filter (Right)

The sediment filter finely extracts sand, dirt, and rust, and the KDF and ACB remove various chemical components that affect the water. This filter takes an estimated time of half an hour to cleanse the water for your whole house.

It is not easy to calculate the lifetime of the filters as it depends on the quality of water in your city and the number of people using it. Typically, a small family can put up a three-stage filter and use it up to a year without any need for replacement.


  • It virtually eliminates herbicides, pesticides, and VOCs.
  • The cartridges meet ANSI/NSF standards.
  • The filter comes with free lifetime support from the manufacturer.
  • Easy installation.


  • The water pressure may drop in the second stage.

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8. Hansing Whole House Heavy Duty Hard Water Filter

There are some special filters available in the market, specifically for showers and restrooms. However, you can replace those filters built for only a specific job with a centralized whole house filter such as this very product. It does not involve any external chemicals in its filtration process.

Organic Filteration:

This system is the perfect option for those on a salt resistance diet and is looking for a water softener. What differentiates this water filter from the other filters in the market is that it softens water without salt but relies on polysaccharide to handle scale.

This filter prevents the buildup of the dishwasher, kitchen equipment, washing machines, and heaters. Softening agents are derived from polysaccharides, and activated carbon coconut, and fruits.

The device is made to eliminate impurity and chlorine from the water while leaving the minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, required by the body. The best thing about this water filter is that you will not see any scale formation, even though it retains the minerals.


The high flow design also fixes the issue of not running when the flow rate is less than 5GPM. The body is made of 304 stainless steel and is corrosion-free. The o-ring secures the build pretty well. Its body is resistant to acids, alkali, and heat.

It is a long-lasting system and has an unbelievable capacity of 185,000 grains, implying that it will last for a reasonable time before it needs to be regenerated. You can add a fresh cartridge when the system needs to regenerate, and you don’t have to worry about salting your system or doing any extra work.

The cartridge’s lifetime relies on the hardness and water usage, but it also comes up with a wrench to replace the cartridge in the future. The whole system is equipped with screws and brackets and can be easily installed. As a whole, this is an outstanding water filter as the organic filtration distinct it from its rival filters.


  • Salt-free water softening capabilities.
  • It does not reduce the flow rate.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • You can use it with well and city water.
  • It minimizes the pipe clogging and requires no chemicals for filtering.


  • It is prone to leakage.
  • It does not come with pipe fitting
  • Not an efficient system to eliminate iron ions.

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9. Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000

This best filter for hard water is mainly focused on eliminating chlorine from the water. It offers a flow rate of 7 gallons per minute, which is ideal for small families.

Although the filter itself is not NSF approved, it employs the same components and media as the NSF/ANSI approved model EQ600. You can extract more than 97% of chlorine with this system. Not just that, it can also reduce other toxic substances such as heavy metals, organic chemicals, and synthetic solvents in the water.

An All-Rounder Filter:

The company has presented this filter as an all-rounder that can solve all your water problems, as it combines a filter, a salt-free softener, pre and post filters, and a UV chamber all together in a single package.

This system also removes the hydrogen sulfide gases responsible for the rotten-egg smell frequently encountered by well water. It also comes up with a UV light sterilizer to safeguard your family from waterborne pathogens and a post-filter.

The salt-free descaler system hooks up to the filtering system and stops the whole house from using the harmful chemicals or salt in the water.

Aquasana’s filters out chlorine and sediment from drinking water with carbon & KDF filtration media, combined with scale control media. Although the system does not eliminate total dissolved solids, it removes several pollutants and ensures that the essential minerals are retained.


Not just that, it is also backed with a stunning warranty of ten years by the company. Aquasana also offers a 90 days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase. Aquasana is a trusted brand with excellent customer service, so it is highly unlikely that you will be disappointed with their product and water quality.


Installing this filter is not too difficult, but it would require you to have some basic plumbing skills. It comes up with DIY installation instructions; however, people prefer getting it installed by a plumber.

It does not come up with all the installation tools, so if you decide on installing the system yourself, you might need to visit your local hardware store for some tools required for its installation.


  • Particularly effective at reducing chlorine levels.
  • Kills microorganisms and minimizes scale build-up.
  • Keeps and maintains good water pressure.
  • The saltless system requires less maintenance and is suitable for low-sodium diets.
  • Very high filtration capacities.


  • You may need a plumber’s help in installation.
  • Not as effective as reverse osmosis systems.
  • Plastic connectors may cause problems with installation.

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Is Hard Water dangerous?

Hard water can damage your pipes and water appliances when used over some time. It does not really matter if you are getting city water or well water in your house. Any water entering via pipes can contain harmful materials like rust, silt, etc. entering through the pipes.

In some cases, the water entering your house may also contain pesticides, chlorine, nitrides, and pollutants that can be poisonous as well, so they must be filtered for health safety.

The usage of hard water filtration systems is rising due to their efficiency in quality water production. The elimination of common pollutants in water is highly beneficial for several different reasons. Well water can not be used or consumed in a raw state and needs proper cleaning to eliminate extra minerals and pollutants.

Best Whole House Water Filter for Hard Water Buying Guide:

Every house requires a specific water filtration system. Yes, all models work pretty much in a similar manner; however, the presence or lack of any additional filters can affect the types of contaminants a particular filter will extract from the water.

The best way to find what type of filter you need for your house is to conduct water tests. The results will allow you to buy the best systems based on your requirements.

If you are specifically looking for a water filter to filter out hard water, you should consider the following features while buying your whole house water filter.

  • Water Flow:

All water filters produce a specific amount of filtered water per minute. As you will be filtering out all the water entering your house, this will be the amount of water consumed by your family in all applications like in the kitchen, toilet, etc.

If your family is small and your water usage is average, you may opt for the systems that provide filtered water generation of 10 gallons per minute. However, if you have a more significant consumption, this won’t compensate as you will need a system able to filter much more than this. Make sure to check out the water flow numbers before buying a whole house filter for hard water.

  • Type of Filter:

The examination of your water supply and the unique features correlated with it will decide the type of water filter you need. You must conduct water tests to find out the types of impurities present in your water. You will thus find out which filters can eliminate the specific pollutants in your water supply as efficiently as possible.

Also check the size of the water inlet and outlet areas to decide the size of the filter you need—the bigger the filter size, the better the flow rate and water pressure you will have.

  • Life-time:

The lifetime of a filter needs to be considered when you are thinking of buying a water filter. Since the investment is not too inexpensive, one wants such a product to last for a long time.

Many water filters will last for years, but their long-lasting abilities also rely significantly on water type. If the water entering your house is highly contaminated, it will affect the filter’s life in a negative manner and vice versa. You should always opt for a reputable brand that offers a good guarantee program, is reliable, and has excellent ratings.

  • Microns:

You have to pick the correct micron rating for your filters based on the water test results.  The standard filters available in the market can block pollutants that are as small as 1 micron.

However, if the water entering your house is highly contaminated, then you would need a filter that can block the impurities in a better way. In that case, you can buy a filter that can extract impurities as small as 0.35 microns. Obviously, the systems that can filter out 0.35 microns are more expensive than the ones filtering out 1 micron.

  • pH Range:

You need to check out the pH levels of your water so that you may buy the water filter that would suit its pH capabilities. If the pH of your water is less than 7, then it is acidic. You would need to find a filter that can handle acidic water well, as not all filters tackle this problem.

  • Easy Installation:

Although this is not the primary factor you should look for while buying a water filter, it is good to find a water filtration system with easy installation. Complicated installation means extra plumbing costs and difficulties. Also, make sure that your filtration system has easy maintenance as you will be planning to use it for a long time, and it shouldn’t be challenging to be maintained.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is the best water filtration system for hard water?

Ans: The best water filtration system for hard water depends upon the water entering your house. Although there are many reputable brands, some of them are mentioned in our top three products on this list as well. The final selection ultimately depends upon your water contamination levels and the types of impurities present in it. You should always opt for the well-suited for your requirements and keep in mind the essential points mentioned in our buying guide.

  1. Does water filter remove hardness?

Ans: Water filters filter out the impurities present in your water; however, it is recommended to use a water softener rather than the traditional filters to remove hardness from your water. As some water filters will also extract the essential minerals from the water required by a human body. Water softeners not only removes hardness but also retains vital minerals.

  1. Can drinking hard water cause health problems?

Ans: Even though there are no deadly effects of drinking hard water, it can lead to dryness of skin and hair. At times, some dangerous pollutants, when mixed with water, can prove to be hazardous, though.

  1. Can you filter out hard water?

Ans: Yes, you can filter out hard water using a filtration system that also works as a softener.


Hard water filter are unique systems to save you and your family from the adverse effects of water consumption. However, you should buy a water filter for hard water if you are dealing with bacterial contamination, water chlorination, etc as well.

A Whole House Water Filter for Hard Water is the best way to purify your water and eliminate pollutants and toxins that can get into your water. It will not only cleanse your water, removes odor and hardness but will also ensure that your family is consuming clean and healthy water.

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