Best Whole House Water Filter and Softener 2020

6 Best Whole House Water Filter and Softener 2020 (Combo)

Do you know 80% population of the world faced water pollution? The water that contains 60 mg calcium and magnesium will become hard water. In most of the areas, the ratio reached to 180mg in drinking water. Its regular use not only damages the home appliances but also causes health issues. In children’s hard water may cause abdominal issues.

We are so blessed that, in the 20th century to defeat, hard water is not a big issue. The markets are full of amazing devices to tackle this problem. You may have to spend a little bit to get great rewards.

This cool whole house filter & Softner will give a solution of spotty dished, laundry and ashy skin. In this review, you will get the best whole house water filter and softeners. You not only get the finest solution of hard water but also well aware of the water softening process.

6 Best Whole House Water Filter and Softener 2020

This review guide will train you enough to do self-installation of the system. It highlights the maintenance procedure and filler replacement. Let us see the review of the top-selling water filter and softener below.

Express Water Heavy-Metal Whole House Water Filter with Softener

This Express whole house filter and softener are best for contaminants removal. Its 3 stage filtration system softens the water. Best to eliminate most of the contaminants and caters to the pollutant and dust particles. Its WH-300SCKS has a pressure gauge for easy filtration monitoring.

1st Stage:

In this stage sediment filter is present. This prevents all the damaging contaminants– rust, dust and sand particles.

2nd Stage:

This stage has a KDF Kinetic-Degradation-fluxion filter. This is best for the removal of contaminants of heavy metals. It is efficient enough to capture all types of particles.

3rd Stage:

In this stage the activated carbon block and total organic carbon are present. They capture all types of pharmaceuticals, bad smell causing chemicals, pesticides.

The best thing about this filter is it translucent housing. All the filtration process can be easily watched. Users can easily observe when the filter needs to replace. It is good enough to produce 1 million gallons of clean water. You can use it easily for larger families up to 6 to 12 months.

The installations need no specified professional. You can easily install it by yourself only following the user manual. The whole housing is connected with the highest capacity connectors. Maintenance and filter replacement is quite easy. Each connector is efficient to provide a gallon in 0.25 seconds with 45-80 PSI.


Translucent housing gives ability when the filter needs replacement

Flow rate is extremely high

Its filter capacity is good to provide clean water to the whole year

It comes with a whole year warranty and lifetime manufacturer support


Its cost is too high

Some cases are with the defective gauges

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 Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter

Aquasana whole house well water filter system is an excellent product from Aquasana. This system is a complete solution for many water kinds of water problems. Aquasana whole house well water filter work in 6 stages. These 6 stages filter are connected with each other for filtering water properly.

In the 1st stage:

A sediment pre-filtered works which are specially installed to capture sediments. It captures rust, silt, and sediment effectively.

In the 2nd stage:

A salt-free water conditioner prevents minerals from building and forming scale build-up.

In the 3rd stage:

A copper-zinc & mineral effectively works. It reduces water-soluble heavy metals, chlorine, and scale. This filter also inhibits bacteria and algae growth.

In the 4th stage:

After copper-zinc & mineral filter an activated carbon filter works. The activated carbon filter reduces pesticides, herbicides and other chemical compounds that may present in the water.

In the 5th stage:

A post-filter performs its duty. The main purpose of this filter is to reduce any remaining organic particles and sediments from the water.

In the 6th stage:

In the end, a UV filter deals with water. The UV filter further protects water from bacteria and viruses that may present in water.

This 6 stage process effectively removes maximum containment and sediments from the water. It has all the necessary required filters and especially effective in well water.


It removes 97% of chlorine, 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and reduces harmful containments like mercury, lead, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, etc.

This filtration system is cost-efficient & long-lasting.

It provides clean water up to 500,000 gallons.

Easy installation and maintenance. Pre and post filter easily replaced after 3 years of usage.


Installation can take place only with a pex crimper.

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 iSpring WSP-50SL Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter And Softener combo

The iSpring WSP-50SL is another best performing devi from the Ispring Company. The ispring WPS-50SL is a reusable whole house filter. The main aim of this filter is to remove sediments and large size particles. This filter is installed before the filter and connected to the mains supply.

The WSP-50SL is a reusable filter made of has two flow point input and output point. Water enters from the input part and then it processed by the filter and then it moves toward output point. Siliphos is a glass-like polyphosphate and a compound for water treatment.

It formulates from milk thistle seed. All components used in siliphos are food-grade items. Siliphos prevent red or brown water. It also effectively eliminate hardness scaling.

This filter easily removes all unwanted particles and increase the appliances life and repairing cost. This filter is ideal for home and commercial use. it helps out to the whole house water filter by capturing sediments and minerals.


It deals with water sediment, rust, sand, dirt and large particles before the water goes into a whole house water filter.

This filter easily flushable and reusable.

It includes siliphos which help it to prevent scale and stop corrosion.

It extends the life of appliances and reduces repair costs.


The filter is replaced every 3-6 months

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Aquasure Signature Series Complete Whole House Water Treatment System w/water softener 

Aquasure water softener is highly effective in water softening. This device removes maximum containments from water and reduces the hardness. It makes water quality better for spa and bathroom usage.

The Aquasure signature series filtration system is a complete solution for water conditioning and softening problems. This filter is ideal for a house which has 3-4 bathroom. This filtration system work in 4 stages.

In the 1st stage:

A 20 plated sediment filter work. This filter removes all large size containments from water. The 1st stage filter provides 100,000 gallons of containment free water and reduces dirt sand, rust, and large particles.

In the 2nd stage:

After the sediment filter, a GAC / KDF Mix Media Whole House Water Treatment System performs its duty. GAC removes harmful chemicals like chlorine, heavy metals and stops the growth of bacteria. It provides 100,000 gallons of filtered water by reducing harmful containment which is not suitable for bathroom usage. KDF further removes chemicals and enhance water quality.

In the 3rd stage:

A 48,000 Grains Whole House Water Softener provides soft, scale and spot free water. This water softener reduces the hardness of the water.

In the 4th stage:

In the 4th and the last stage a 75 GPD under sink reverse osmosis water filtration system works. This reverse osmosis removes arsenic, fluoride, virus, lead, bacteria and much more. This filter effectively reduces up to 99% containment from the water.


It reduces maximum containments and harmful chemicals.

This reduces overall maintenance costs by capturing sediments and large particles.

It removes odor smell and bad taste from water.

This makes water quality batter and reduces health-related issues.


It is only ideal for a household size of 3 – 4 bathrooms and up to 5 people.

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Fleck 5600 Econominder 48000 Grain Mechanical Meter Water Softener & Water Filter 

Fleck 5600 water softening system is ideal for water softening problems. This device is perfect for medium and large houses. This product is the highest rated in terms of softening hard water.

The fleck 5600 economies come with a tank that has a digital display. Digital display provides help in controlling this device. The fleck 5600 use salt beads for softening the water. These salt beads deal with the hard water and make it soft. And these salt plates can easily change when it requires.


Meter regeneration reduces running costs:

this filter has meter regeneration which is easy to use and maintain. Its regeneration based on the usage of water in the house. At the time of low or high water usage, it works at the right level so, it reduces the running cost.

Risk-free warranty:

The Fleck 5600 comes with a 5-year warranty of the system and a 10-year warranty of tank. If the user maintains it properly it will perform for a lifetime.

Easy to use control panel:

The Fleck 5600 has a Backlit LCD display with easy to use touch-pad controls.

Easy installation:

With the help of basic DIY skills, the owner can install it easily.

Value for money:

This product is a high-performance product and gives the right value for money.


It’s Bulky and heavy:

installation is easy but this product is bulky and heavy. So, you have to manage a place for it and manpower to move it.

Salt levels must be maintained:

The Fleck 5600 is a salt-based system. So, we have to maintain the salt level and need to replace the used salt place.

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 Whole House Water Filter & Salt Softener Combo (1-3 Bathroom)

Typically, every house needs a water filter for the water solution. In some cases, we need a water softener as well to get rid of hard water. Most of the filters have only filtration ability. We are fortunate enough that this combo whole house filter has both features the filtration and softening as well.

This whole house filter and salt softener have made life easier. Filter smart has the Jacobi carbon–Produce top-class cleaning. Inside the filter, highly efficient coconut shell activated carbon is present–efficiently produce pure water. The presence of a salt-free softener has totally changed the way of water softening systems.

No maintenance is required in this system. It de not need any salt. In short, no ion exchange resin is present here. It directly starts flowing and supplies water in just 2 seconds.

This filter is efficient to remove–Chloramines, Herbicides, synthetic chemicals and VOC’s. This system is efficient to maintain natural minerals in the water. A slightly knock on fluorides that did not remove by this. However, the benefits of the softener are amazing. It reduces the plumbing blockage without removing anything. The carbon media lifetime is amazing can work up to 5 years and provide 1000,000 gallons of highly pure water.

This filter smart provides you with contaminated free water. The water produce by it is perfect for drinking, showering, and cooking purposes.


Comes with a long life guarantee

Filters have versatility in size

Jacobi carbon–high-quality carbon to caters the pollutants

Amazing combine system to work as softener and filter s well

Installation and Maintenance is easy


The System is unable to improve the pH quality

Regular change is required for pre-filters

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 Buyers Guide:

There are few vitals features to keep in mind before buying a whole house water filter with softener. Below are the few key points you must know to have to best suitable water filter and softener for you.

The storage capacity of filter: if you decide to have a water filter then the focus must be on the resin and storage capacity. You can get the idea form the family members.

As mush family members you have the water usage will accruing to this. Large capacity will reduce the softer ability. There is not a mush variety of resins. However, it depends on the nature of water. So, you may fist aware of the quality and capacity of water.

Required area: The knowledge of being is the key point before buying. If you decide to buy a huge filter without knowing the exact space, it will take more space. Mostly middle fit softener suits best for simple household use.

You will be fine with a simple resin and brine tank for a 1-3 bedroom house. First, get yourself aware by asking the manufacture of the exact dimension of filter. You can also get the model dimensions from online sites.

Setting and regeneration: You must have realized about the timed water softener and metered water. If you choose the time water softener it will reuse and regenerate the water by using the salt either you need the water at that time or not.

While the metered water setting filter will regenerate and use the salt only when the filter reached on the specified limit. However, in the metered system you may have a shortage of saltwater. In some cases, you can use simple water without knowing the water nature. But the best is metered water softener it only generates water when needed.

Final Verdicts:

In this best whole house water filter & softener, we provide authentic knowledge. That will help you to choose the best whole house water filter for your house. Our Team have done our best that in this article you will get the basic knowledge about the water filter and softeners.

We have mentioned here the most updated water filter and softener. We hope that you will get the benefits from this article and review. It will be helpful for you to choose the best and affordable water softener for your house.

Stay connected and keeps reading our updated review.  Happy dinking!

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