Best Water Softeners For Well Water 2020

8 Best Water Softeners For Well Water 2020

Well water contains many hazardous chemicals; best water softeners for well water gives an effective solution to this problem. Most of the people are facing well water-related issues like stains on appliances, skin irritation, and health hazards. When you get one of these softeners, it will maximize your available water.

We have mentioned all the basic features of the water softening devices that will improve your lifestyle a lot. Mostly the hard water includes mineral contents, iron and sediments- it acquires a special water softener to deal with these issues. Before having one of the below-given product you must be assured about the water quality you use.

In this area of extreme increase of pollution, you must take the water-related issue seriously. To keep you hydrated and energetic it has become necessary to grab one of these water softeners.

We hope this article will prove beneficial for you and will aware you about the importance of clean water.

1.  Eddy Electronic Water Descaler (Best Water Softeners For Well Water)

Most people use a water softener to deal with water problems. Especially well water is not suitable to use directly. Well water contains many particles that are not good for health. Now we want to tell you about a device which is effective in dealing with well water. It’s not a water softener but plays a role like water softer. It’s an alternative to a water softener.

This filtration system uses electromagnetism to reduce the negative effects that certain elements found in hard water have. Electromagnetic waves are sent through the water, which targets magnesium, calcium, and manganese salts. These elements form what we know as “limescale”. The electromagnetic waves alter the form of these calcium crystals and magnesium and turn them into more soluble particles that are much less likely to bind to taps, pipes, boilers, and appliances in your home. By stopping these crystals from interacting with their surroundings, the threat of limescale is reduced.

  • This product is cheaper than a water softener
  • Magnetic field – this is the main character and it helps defeat all that nasty buildup
  • Cheap to maintain – just wipe the dust off of it
  • No plumbing changes required
  • The device has a Lifetime warranty
  • All the minerals survive.
  • Kinder to the environment
  • It Keeps healthy minerals in the water
  • Not an actual softener – while it will somewhat improve your water, you will not feel it when drinking and washing
  • Can’t be installed outdoors – it’s not waterproof
  • Doesn’t make the water softer

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2.  Fleck 5600SXT 48,000

Hard water is a big problem. Mostly water which comes from well contains hard water. The well water is the main reason for many health problems. But don’t worry this device is the best water softeners for well water. This rapidly treats with water and makes it soften for you.

It has a durable tank with a 10-year warranty. It efficiently eliminates the hard water that causes scale buildup and reduced soap efficiency with its complete whole-house softening unit.  This softener uses the ion exchange process this system removes magnesium and calcium that cause hard water. This softener has led indicator which informs about its condition. It also has control buttons so you can control it easily. Easy installation only takes 1-2 hours with basic plumbing skills. You can do it with yourself if you know basic plumbing skills. This softener comes with an outstanding 5-year warranty. In terms of price, performance, and features this softener is the best choice in the market. So if you are in search of a quality-made water softener so must try this product.

  • It extends the life of any home appliances
  • This softener provides better water for drinking and bathing
  • Adaptable installation
  • The package includes everything needed for installation
  • This softener rapidly removes iron
  • The softener recharges automatically
  • Good and affordable price
  • No water pressure issues by using this softener
  • The back of the control head connects to some fittings which make the construction wobbly.
  • No drainage tubing in the set
  • The description does not mention that there is only one size MNPT.

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3.   Fleck 5600SXT 

If you want a reliable whole house water softener. This product is best for you. It deals with all kind of problem-related to hard water. This product is ideal for well water treatment. It effectively processes water and makes it soften for you. This product a hug tank in which process water stored. This softener has a digital indicator for indication. It has many features that other brands don’t offer. This product is much better than other available in the market.

  • This product has a long warranty so, you get 5 years on the valve and 10 years for the tanks
  • It has metered control head
  • The resin comes pre-loaded so no need to cram and try anything inside the tank yourself
  • This softener has huge capacity when it comes to grain and you can select a unit ranging from 16 000 to 64 000 Grain.
  • It is highly effective at softening medium to high hardness levels.
  • It has sported a simple electronic control head with an intuitive LCD and push buttons
  • Other better products feature a 10% one. But it is just 8% resin.
  • It removes just a low level of iron and this isn’t a filter. Sulfur is also not removed.
  • It is relatively large and heavy making as compared to others it only ideal for larger spaces.
  • As a salt-based system, it is not useful for people on a sodium-restricted diet.
  • The price of 64,000 Grain version softener is higher than other brands in the market.

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4. Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve 64,000 grain, 64k for whole house

If you have a problem with hard water and you need a water softener. Then this device is the best option for you. This device is outstanding in performance. It gives an extra feature it filters out the iron from water. So, it performs more than a normal softener.

It gives 15 gallons of water per minute. It comes with a 5-year warranty. this water softener also removes manganese, iron, and hardness of the water. So in comparison with other water softeners, this is the best option. Due to its features and performance, this softener makes a difference.

  • This water softener also filters out iron so it’s not just a regular water softener
  • Company offer 80 000 grain model which is available in the market
  • It includes a bypass valve
  • The resin will last for at least 5 years
  • It will provide iron-free water up to 6-8 ppm
  • It effectively removes Iron, Manganese, Hardness Level in the water
  • The easy installation method and require simple DIY skills
  • It prevents pipes and taps from scale building in this way it increases your household appliances life
  • Installation instructions aren’t clear and many people can’t cope with making it through the instruction sheet. Get help.
  • It’s not a very cheap product, even though the value is good thanks to the presence of an iron filter, the price is still substantial.
  • This product is expensive as compare to other product so it’s not a cost-effective product

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5. Aquasure Harmony Series 48,000

Removal of unwanted minerals and salt- is the mission of water softeners. All the Calcium & magnesium particles get captures by salt exchanger and removed away. These best water softeners for well water-works customized head control. The whole process is done in 3 variable regeneration modes. The time control mode, meter delayed, and immediate meter control.  These steps work efficiently to minimize waste. 

The water softener of this series comes with a 5-year warranty. This product is made up of fibreglass, durable and resists corrosion. The internal lining of the tank is done with polyethene with bypass valve- prefilled resins of premium grade.  In short, this is best to convert the well water in high-quality soft water. Improve the health of your skin and make you energetic.

  • 3 different type of generation modes
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Control head is fully customized
  • Comes with a complete kit
  • High capacity salt tank
  • Maintenance is easy with bypass valve
  • It controls is complex for some users

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6. Poly Salt Free Water Softener

This softening device is the best solution for sieving and descaling water treatment. The triple-action working performs excellently with few norms. It works efficiently without any tank, cartridge, and other water conditioners. This device comes in smart size and fits any respective place. The working is different from the reverse osmosis system. The performance is done with a mechanical process.

The stainless filter gets rid of the carbonated scale buildup without mineral discharge. It can keep safe in outdoor due to its rugged feel. The installation setup comes with a quick setup. The system hooks the water existing line of water easily. Overall, this system is great to buy even for a small or medium household. It is free from bulky salt bags that get the stick. 

  • It is quite affordable
  • Salt-free and does not use sodium
  • Easy installation
  • Filter media replacement is easy
  • Cartridges are less expensive
  • Design is compact and simple
  • Less effective
  • Unable to remove iron and chloramines

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7.  AFW Filters IRON Pro 2

This water filter is amazing and best buy filter these days. It is quite easy to control as compared to other filters. No doubt in 2020 it is one of the best water softeners for well water. The capacity of 48000 grains with a standardized brine tank is amazing.

Just like other salt-based water softening devices this filter also regenerate the cycle. Mechanism of working is also not very much complicated. It has a meter that can easily measure the water usage amount of your complete household. The regenerate system automatically starts working when it reaches the extreme limit.  This function simply safe the time, power and salt a lot.

The digital display with smart LCD clearly displays the current system. That can easily show if any error occurs. All the components of this device are certified by WQA. In short, if you are planning to buy some water cleaning system this one is best and convenient as well.

  • Price is affordable
  • Control is simplest
  • Auto and in-demand regeneration
  • Certified by NSF
  • Durability is high
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Buyers guide are not clear

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Bottom Line:

When you plan to buy some water softener, then you must first check the water quality of your area. Every area has its own water related contaminants and substances that are required to remove. Similarly, each filter has its own specific capacity for contaminates removal. So the analysis of water is the best way to keep your equipment and appliances safe.

In the above-mentioned article, we try to inform you about the best water softeners for well water.  These products are the best in salt-free softeners. These all are best in performance as with respect to their price and minimum requirement of maintenance.  

The choice of good water softener makes your life hassle-free. Then what are thinking now? Just make a decision and grab the best device for your house. No doubt, it will make you more hydrated and energetic. Stay healthy! Happy drinking!



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