6 Best Water Filter Pitcher Remove Fluoride 2020

6 Best Water Filter Pitcher Remove Fluoride 2020

Our water supplies contain dozens of toxins and chemicals. We cannot hide this fact that tap water we use undrinkable. It contains pollutants, sediments, and various toxins materials in it. Although it contains in the minute amount they persist along with harmful effects on health.

As we know, fluoride has toxins properties either taken in a small amount. Somehow, our tap water contains fluoride particles. The longer-term intake of fluoride contains water that may lead to male growth in infants and brain-damaging effects of elders. In this article, we will provide you with the best solution to get rid of this fluoride-containing water.

This best water filter pitcher removes fluoride provides a vast variety of filters. The entire mentioned fluoride water filter pitcher is well researched and reviewed by consumers. All of them are quite reasonable and user-friendly. We assure you they will stay with you for a long time. Just install these most amazing systems and give you family a healthy lifestyle

1.Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher (Best Water Filter Pitcher Remove Fluoride)

Using the best fluoride water filter pitcher is an effective and easy way to get rid of water contaminants. These days water pitcher is using more commonly for cleaning of tap water. Aqua gear is one of the top-rated companies in filtration products. This fluoride water filter pitcher is a premium quality product.

This pitcher works simply and easy to use. First of all the water which requires filtration is to be filled. Simply fill the tap water into the water pitcher. When the filter receives the water it starts its duty. Its 5 stage filter has 2-micron pores including a fluoride/lead filter.

This filter remove Fluoride 90.57%, Lead 99.9%, Chlorine 99.9%, Chromium 6 99.4%, Arsenic 99.8%, Chloramines 99.9%, Mercury 97.8%, Benzene 98.7%, and Nitrate 97.6%. After removing all these harmful containments water shifted into the pitcher jug.

It protects you and your family from containment that other filters miss. This removes 2000% more containments as compared to its competitor. Therefore, that is why this pitcher is the best water filter pitcher remove fluoride due to its working.

This filter has not any digital indicator. But its high-quality filter produces 150 gallons of clean water. Its filter serves about 6 months. So have to check the filter condition time by time and replace it with the new one when it’s necessary.


  • Aqua gear effectively reduces many harmful contaminants, including fluoride and lead.
  • Effective performance and fast filtering.
  • Long filter life as compared to competitors.
  • Lifetime warranty by the company.
  • The damaged part is replaced by the company.
  • 100% BPA-free, 100% FDA-approved food-grade materials and 100% recyclable.


  • The flap on spout sometimes sticks.
  • Aqua gear filter price is higher than most other pitcher filters.
  • No filter replacement indicator or reminder included with pitcher.

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2. Lake Industries7000 Water Pitcher

Exchange Resin, Tourmaline, Mineral Balls and Carbon, Removes Free-Radicals and Eliminates Toxins, 2.5 Liters

In these days, the best fluoride water filter pitcher is demanding products. Lake industries 7000 pitcher is the solution for municipal water problems. It quickly deals with the water and makes it containment free.

This fluoride water filter pitcher is very easy to use. Simply open the lid without removing pitcher cover and insert water in it. The filter works in 7 steps. Its filter specially made with seven different elements.

These seven elements boost and help the filtration process. The 1st layer of the filter contains Sediment Filter Mesh, 2nd contain Carbon, 3rd contain Resin, 4th contain ORP Ball, 5th contain Far Infrared, 6th contain Maifan and 7th layer contain Mineral Ball. When the water flows from these layers, layers remove most of the particles from water. It removes chlorine, heavy metals, and odours quickly.

It also removes 90% of all zinc, lead, copper, and pollutants to create an amazingly delicious alkaline beverage. After this whole process water then flow toward the pitcher jug. You can now easily enjoy the delicious water.

In this way, this filter works to remove toxins and make water radical free. This filter doesn’t have an electronic indicator for filter condition. So by checking it continuously, you can replace the filter. Mostly filter will expire after 2 months or after cleaning 150 litres.


  • This filter is convenient and comfortable.
  • Unique and decent design, it easily fits in any refrigerator.
  • It removes maximum containments and toxins.
  • One filter easily provides 150liter of clean water.
  • The filtered water allows your body to easily absorb more water.
  • Filtered water increase energy level and immune system.


  • It doesn’t have an electronic indicator for the filter.
  • Filter expire after 2 months usage or filtering 150 liters of water.

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3. Naples Naturals 108X1 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher (Removes Chlorine and Contaminants)

If you are in search of the best water filter pitcher, remove fluoride. Then this product is the right product. This is best in dealing with water containments. It easily removes chlorine and other containment. This pitcher increases the pH level of water.

This has 10 cup water filtering capacity pitcher. It works the same as many other pitcher filters works. First, open the lid of the Naples filter and fill the filter with tap water. The filter is specially made to reduce chlorine and containments. It has the quality to maintain and increase the water PH level. The filters natural ion-exchange resin balance magnesium and calcium level in the water. This filter increase alkalinity by adding minerals. When the filter process water and remove containments. Then water moves forward and gathers in pitcher jug.

The Naples water filter pitcher has a digital indicator on the pitcher cap. This digital indicator informs about filter condition. This filter gives 79 gallons of clean water. After providing a 70-gallon water filter get expired. So indicator indicates when you need to change the filter. Mostly after 45 to 60 days of usage filter get expired.


  • The filter has a unique design and comes in different colors.
  • The company gives a risk-free opportunity with the 30-day money-back option.
  • The filter is very compact and fits easily on the countertop and fridge door.
  • It perfectly balances water mineral content for making tea and coffee.
  • This filter provides 79 gallons of clean water.
  • The Alkaline – increase water pH to over 7
  • Filter ion exchange resin balance calcium and magnesium level to provide clean water with good taste.
  • Newly designed filter cartridge minimum chances of clogging.


  • The filter gets expired after 45-60 days usage.

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  1. Seychelle Pitcher with Regular Dual Filters Included

This pitcher has known as the most trusted name in water filtration. They focus on the quality and performance of their products. This fluoride water filter pitcher is unique and advanced than other pitchers in the market. This pitcher comes with dual filters for better and fast treatment of water.

Most of the pitcher works in the same pattern. First, remove the lid and put tap water in it. Unlike other filters, this model has dual filters. These two filters provide an advantage in the filtration process.

These filters have the capability of removing most of the containments from water. These filters remove aesthetic containments like bad taste, odours, chlorine, cloudiness, and silt. And Filters remove chemical containments like benzene, chloroform, herbicides, pesticide detergents, and many others.

These filters also remove inorganic containments like arsenic, aluminium, mercury, copper, nitrates & nitrites, and many others. These filters remove 99.99% of containment from water. After removing this water flow and gathered in a jug.

This filter is known as the best fluoride water filter pitcher due to its fast filtration. This pitcher doesn’t have a digital indicator. Filter get expire after filtering 200 gallons of water or 3 to 4 month of usage.


  • This filter removes most of the chemical, inorganic and aesthetic containments.
  • Fast filling of water due to dual filters.
  • It saves the cost of bottled water and gives much better water than bottled water.
  • BPA free. All materials FDA food-grade approved and plastic won’t leak into your water source.
  • The dual filter provides 200 gallons of clean filtered drinking water.


  • This filter isn’t compatible with salt-water. If you use it with salt-water the filter gets clog and you’ll have to buy new ones.
  • The filter gets expired after 3 to 4 months.
  • This pitcher filter doesn’t have a digital indicator for filters.

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  1. Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher (Remove Chlorine and Heavy Metals)

If you want a great value for your investment. This pitcher is the best choice for you. It deals with all kinds of municipal water problems. And provide delicious taste water.

This pitcher has a 6-stages water filter. These 6-stages are connected with each other and work in a sequence. The 6 stage filter includes pre-filter membrane, ion exchange resins, activated carbon, far-infrared (FIR) balls, negative hydroxyl ions, and post-filter membrane. This filter receives water and processes it step by step.

In the first filter, water meets with ion-exchange one. This filter plays a major role in softening the water and it also has a minor role in removing some floating containments. Then water is processed by the second filter which contains activated carbon filter. This is a very important step because here multiple containments are removed. After processed by activated carbon water have a lower concentration of heavy metals, pesticides, cysts and it also smells and tastes better.

After this procedure goes toward the third filter which contains FIR balls. These balls have infrared energy which will soften the water. This energy negatively charged the water for better absorption. The fourth filter is filled with negative hydroxyl ions. These particles give off some oxidation-reduction potential to the water. This negative potential makes the water act as an antioxidant, so it will better at flushing toxins from your body.

This filter removes harmful particles from the water and adds healthy particles in the water. In this way, it works. This filter has a digital indicator that continuously tells about the filter condition.


  • This filter adds beneficial minerals in the water.
  • Provide 79 gallons of clean and healthy water.
  • Thick and sturdy ABS plastic pitcher.
  • All parts of this filter are replaceable.
  • It removes maximum containment from the water.
  • Reshape water pitcher comes with two long-lasting filters.


  • Filter expired after 60 to 70 days of usage.
  • Changing the filter is not easy, you have to follow a long process for changing the filter. 

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  1. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher Removes Fluoride & Lead

Now water pitcher is famous and demanding filters. These Pitchers are convenient and comfortably used. The epic filter is famous for making all kinds of filters because they offer great quality products. Epic fluoride water filter pitcher is one of the best-produced products from epic.

These pitchers work in a very decent way. You have to do some simple steps for operating this filter. Simply enter the water in it by open the lid. When the water enters the filter it starts processing. The epic filter has a 5-stage triple capacity filter.

This filter work in 5 stages for dealing with water containments. In the filtration process all kinds of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and industrial pollutants, etc. easily remove.

This filter very effectively removing lead, fluoride, chromium 6 and PFOS PFOA. After processing water and removing maximum containment from water it shifts the water into pitcher jug. Now you can use the water from the jug. In this way, it quickly works and provides healthy water with great taste. It also has a digital indicator for filter life. You can daily check your filter condition and easily replace it with a new one when necessary.


  • BPA-Free, made from 100% FDA-approved food-grade material.
  • It has a 3.5L large capacity filter which provides 150 gallons of quality water.
  • The filter removes 99.99% containment from water.
  • The epic filter has a very decent and good looking design.
  • It easily fits into the refrigerator.
  • Effectively and efficiently remove most of the containment which other brands filter avoids.


  • On daily usage, filter expires in 4 months.

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Key Guide:

The below-given feature will help you to choose the best filter pitcher to remove fluoride. You must be well aware of them before spending your money. We hope this feature will help you to choose the best fluoride water filter pitcher for your house.

Which filter did you need?

You must first make sure that either you need a portable water pitcher or installed the filter. The buyers decide what kind of feature he needed and where he wants to install it.

Portable or Fixed filter:

So, first, decide either you want a filter or you want to install that. The portable system can be your companion at home and far away from home.

Water pressure and usage:

If you want a reverse osmosis system, you must know about the consumed water at home. You must be known about the actual water pressure and usage. Few filters do not work efficiently with low pressure and high water demand.

If you want to have a portable system, it will be prepared for an emergency and other situations like travel. Then you must know the main feature of the portable picture mentioned above.

Distiller Filters:

Some distiller water filters are best for day-to-day usage. They are the best to provide purifies water. They are the most durable water filter nowadays. However, they cannot work as the portable filter pictures do.

Final Verdicts:

We cannot accurately say; which filter is best for fluoride removal. All the mentioned water filter pitchers are best in them. They work according to the given situation of pollutants.

The types of filter selection choose according to the personal preference of buyers.

We hope our given information will help you to choose the best fluoride water filter pitcher for your home. This has become the most basic need of these days where pollution raises day by day. So, just install them as early as possible. Have happy drinking with such amazing water Pitchers.

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