Best Water Filter for Hiking

8 Best Water Filter for Hiking 2020

When you go on camping to have the best water filter for hiking becomes a necessity. You just cannot drink the fountain or stream water directly on thru-hiking. You may probably find a source with the trail but water from then can not be used directly for drinking. There you must need the water treatment kit and must have an idea about the essentials for hiking. Untreated water contains not only foul smell but it also has the bulk of pathogens and other water-borne bacteria. To drink such kind of water not only make you sick but also can ruin your hiking journey,

In this article, we have mentioned the water filter for hiking. You will also become able how to choose the risk-free water from the stream, puddles, and ponds. In fact, the filters mentioned below are top hiking filters used by thru-hikers. No doubt, the choice of water filter completely depends on the quality of water you required on camping.

Best Water Filter for Hiking

8 Best Water Filter for Hiking 2020

However, the mentioned filters have made the kinking easy for the thru-hikers and without a portable source of water, it becomes difficult to long distant travel for them.

1.  Sawyer Products Squeeze Water Filter System (best water filtration for hiking)

In camping and hiking finding clean water is a big issue. Due to this issue companies are manufacturing small filters. These filters are ideal for hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, emergency prep, or travel abroad. And this filter is one of the best performing hiking filters. This filter is an ideal water filter for hiking.

Its filter made with a hollow fiber membrane and 0.1 absolute micron filtering. Which gives you a fast flow and enabling the filter to be continually backflushed forcefully to restore up to 98% of the original flow rate. And also remove most bacteria and unwanted particles from water. This filter has a compact design. It all equipment squeeze in one kit. And ideal for emergencies and overseas mission trips. This hiking filter effectively provides clean water due to its high performance.

  • Lightweight, adaptable, easy to use, lifetime guarantee
  • This Filter removes 99.99999% of all bacteria such as salmonella, cholera, leptospirosis, and E. coli.
  • It removes 99. 9999% of all protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium (independent testing laboratory Hydration, LLC.; microbiological report S05-03)
  • It effectively filters out 100% of microplastics.
  • Not great for group use, better if you replace the bags
  • Its water pouch is not durable

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2.  Katadyn Hiker Microfilter (best water filter for thru-hiking)

This hiking filter is one of the best filters in the market. This filter effectively works to remove unwanted particles from water. And provide clean and pleasant taste water. This hiking water filter is ideal for camping, hiking, and emergency purpose. This filter has a compact design and performs best in providing clean water.

It has a 0.2-micron glass fiber filter media which is designed for high output with little effort. Filter cartridge contain activated carbon core. Activated carbon core effectively removes large particles and chemicals from the water. The other purpose of an activated carbon core is to improve water taste. The filter removes viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted particles very easily.

  • This hiking filter is easy to use and clean.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • The filter has a very fast fill rate.
  • This filter is highly effective in cleaning water.
  • It has an Anti-Clog filter that doesn’t need to be replaced.
  • This Filter provides safe drinking water in any challenging conditions.
  • It requires low maintenance so no need for constant backflushing.
  • Not field repairable.
  • A pump handle can break.
  • Replacement cartridges are pricey.

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3.  GRAYL Geo press 24 oz (best water purifier for hiking)

This hiking filter is another best filtration product. This filter is perfect for backpacking, hiking global travel, and survival. This water filter for hiking is the best performing device. It easily and quickly captures particles from the water.

The main purpose of this filter is to provide comfort in traveling. This hiking filter removes 99.99% viruses, 99.99% bacteria, and 99.9% protozoa from water. And filter many contaminants from water for making it clean.

  • This hiking filter effectively removes all waterborne pathogens (bacteria, viruses, protozoan cysts), including Giardiasis, Rotavirus, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Norovirus, Cholera, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, Dysentery and more.
  • This filters particulates (microplastics, sediment) and many chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.
  • This filter is very easy to use and has replaceable filter components.
  • This filter can use in unclear/dirty water.
  • It improves taste, smell, and clarity.
  • In just 8 seconds, this filter makes 24 fluid ounces (710 ml) of clean, safe drinking water
  • This filter is BPA-Free and made from polypropylene #5, food-grade silicone, TPE, and ABS food-grade plastic.
  • Costly as compared to other filters in the market.
  • Heavy as compared to other filters.
  • Due to the small capacity, you get a small amount of water for two people to share.

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4.  MSR Guardian Military-Grade (best water filter pump for hiking)

Every traveler wants a perfect product for their journey. In traveling and outdoor adventure finding, clean water is a big problem. Due to this reason hiking filters are made. This water filter for hiking is a great device. It’s a durable product and clean unclean water rapidly. It’s a Military-grade water purifier and Meets NSF protocol P248, testing standard used by the U.S. military.

This hiking filter is best for wilderness, backcountry use, expeditions, global commute, and emergency preparedness. This purifier effectively removes protozoa (such as giardia, cryptosporidium, amoebae), bacteria (such as E. coli. Shigella, salmonella, cholera), viruses (such as norovirus, rotavirus, hepatitis A), and sediment from contaminated water sources anywhere in the world. It’s a long-lasting and durable filter that provides clean and good taste water effectively.

  • This hiking filter pumps at a rapid 2.5 liters per minute.
  • It’s a well-researched and durable product.
  • Filter treat 10,000 liters of water
  • This hiking filter is durable and Engineered to withstand heavy use, freezing, drops*, and harsh environments.
  • Filter Pump self-cleans on every stroke, providing consistently fast flow rates with zero hassle—no backflushing or filter-scrubbing ever required.
  • The Price of this hiking filter higher than many other filters.

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5.  HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter System

In traveling, hiking, and adventure trips everyone wants to keep lightweight and compact gadgets with them. The filter is also an important product for every traveler. Because your body needs clean water for better health. This hiking filter is a lightweight product and perfect for the outdoor environment. This best water filtration for hiking provides water with a pleasant taste.

This hiking filter is easy to carry and easy to use. Its 0.1-micron hollow fiber membrane will protect you against 99.9999% of harmful bacteria such as Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Giardia, protozoan cysts, and more. It effectively clearing out all of the particulates and increasing the lifespan of the filter. By continuous backflush the filter you can use it almost indefinitely. This means no additional pumps, cartridges, filters, iodine drops, or batteries to ever buy again. It’s a lightweight device but provides the maximum feature.

  • This hiking filter’s gravity system is really efficient.
  • It’s lightweight and here’s no O-ring to cause potential leakage issues.
  • It has an endless life and provides 100,000 gallons of clean water.
  • It removes most of the contaminants.
  • This hiking filter is not compatible with Smart water bottles.

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6.Katadyn BeFree 

Are you fond of traveling the whole long day? This water filter for hiking is best for you. It has an amazing soft bottle fits and provides a high flow rate. It can easily scoop in the underground water and drink it straight. The easy squeezing and sucking system makes the water clean from all impurities and you can directly drink filter water in a few seconds.

The bottle top is replaceable and you can easily reuse it by shifting on another bottle. As the material of the bottle is soft and collapsible you can easily roll it in your hands. But as the bottle is soft durability of this filter is low. A little bit of bottle spring leaks issues happen.

However, as it is easy to adaptable, so you can use it repeatedly by replacing the bottle. It can only hold 0.6 L of water, not good for larger storage. You must have to carry plenty of water storage, In the case of a water shortage of camping area. Anyhow, the small and portable feature makes it easy to carry on distance traveling, camping, and hiking. It is still the best choice for many of the travelers and hikers.

  • This hiking filter is adaptable
  • Flow rate is quite high
  • Bottle is collapsible
  • Weight is amazingly light
  • Filter maintenance is easy
  • Its durability is not very good
  • Water treatment capacity is small

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7.  SteriPen Ultra

A traveler prefers to carry the more necessary and lightest thing on travel. Staying healthy on traveling is indeed a tricky subject, without proper planning, it could even be harmful to you. Carrying this amazing hiking water filter can make your travel more easy and healthy. It is definitely a good fall back for thru-hikers. Most of the hikers travel in remote areas where it becomes difficult to have clean water. You definitely do not want to drink parasites in your water.

With this easy Ultrafilter, you can make your travel easier. The performance of this filter is amazing. It is easy to use, fast, and clean all the impurities and foul smells from water. The ease in use becomes the key strength of this device. It easily gets fit on the smallmouth bottle, it is just a hassle-free and most convenient best water filter for hiking. The direction of usage is simple just press the power button to clean a liter or press it twice to clean more.

When you put the filter in water and press button the countdown, get a start and take only 48 seconds to clean 1 L of water. It shows a smiley face when the filtering process gets completes. 

  • Its weight is only 5 ounces and best to carry on travel
  • UV filtration best to remove 99.99% germs
  • The high-quality lithium-ion battery is used
  • It can be used in tough condition and have high durability
  • It takes only 9 seconds to clean a liter of water
  • UV does not work in mercury water
  • It is quite expensive
  • The glass bulb is extra fragile

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8. MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter 

Among the hand pump filter, this hiking water filter is classic. It is claimed this filter is one of the best selling among the filters. Its working is highly efficient. It easily eliminates the chemicals, protozoa’s, and bad smell from water and provides high-quality water. Its reliability is impeccable that maintain the same water quality. Its filter system is made up of ceramic and carbon cores. That is best to kill the protozoa and bacteria with other harmful chemicals. In the lab testing, it is proved that none

It is ergonomically to handle, super fast in cleaning, clogs easily but also maintenance is easy. It typically needs to clean twice a day for the two-person use. However, some travelers find it heavy to carry on travel with other lightweight stuff. But still, it is best for camping and backpacking missions. Anyhow, it is still a popular choice for thru-hikers due to reliability and durability, It is best to take on travel for two-person. No doubt, it’s the best choice to carry on travels, camping, and hiking.

  • It can clean and collect water from all sources
  • Durability is incredible
  • Flow rate is fast
  • Easy to use
  • Remove 99% chemical, bacteria, and foul smell
  • Filter life is super long
  • Need low maintenance due to backflushing
  • Its price is quite high
  • Its weight is heavy making it difficult  to carry in backpacking

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 Our Suggestion:

There are many different water filters for hiking. Ultimately, many options must have seen before buying one of them. The weight, water quality, and portability of filter as well. Before going on hiking you must have an idea about the water quality of that place. As a part of our best water filter for hiking, we collect the best information and hiking water filter for you.

We hope this article will help you to have the amazing hiking water filter that met your requirements. We would lobed to hear about your choice if you find this helpful for you. So just grab the best product out of them and keep yourself healthy on long-distance travel. Stay healthy; happy drinking!

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